May 2000 Newsletter (5760:9)

How Dan Sered, an Israeli, Found Love and Messiah at the Same Time
July 10, 2017
Author: Dan Sered

How Dan Sered, an Israeli, Found Love and Messiah at the Same Time I was born in Israel on the holiest of Jewish festivals, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. I believe God has had His hand on me ever since, to show His grace and wonderful mercy. I grew up in a secular...

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I Repent! But for What?
May 1, 2000

Would you ever think it possible that a person seeking reconciliation could alienate or even offend? Well, it can happen. For example, certain people have come to me and, after they established that I am Jewish and they are not, they proceeded to apologize to me for...

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Israeli Independence Day

Playful children run, clutching candied apples in one hand and squirting foam string with the other. They bop one another on the head with toy mallets that make a gong sound upon impact. This could be a scene at the birthday party of four or five-year-olds, but it...

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More Missionary Trainees: Meet Dinah Sered
Author: Dinah Sered

My name is Dinah Turnil Sered and I am a second generation Jewish believer in Jesus. My father is from Guatemala; he came to know the Lord through an American missionary and gave his life to Jesus at the age of six. He moved to New York when he was 18. My mother, who...

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More Missionary Trainees

I was born into a Jewish and Christian family in Ethiopia. My father, a Jewish police man, met my mother—a police woman—at work. When they married, they agreed to raise their family as Jewish. But six years later, my mother received Jesus as her personal Savior. She...

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A Message from Moishe on Personal Barriers to the Gospel
Author: Moishe Rosen

At the invitation of a Christian wife, I went to visit her Jewish husband at their home. We had a delightful meal and as soon as we finished (before I could say anything), he started telling me why it was impossible for him to believe in Jesus and raised the usual...

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Bits from the Branches

From New York*, Shlomy Abramov reports a lost and found story: I always worried that when I had to find my way on my own in New York, I would get lost. And it finally happened. I had a visit scheduled in Brooklyn and took trainee Dan Sered with me to find...

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