Los Angeles branch leader Tuvya Zaretsky reports, Lawrence is a Jewish attorney who works with families whose children are involved in cult activities. His wife, who is a Christian, keeps leaving an evangelistic book we sent her where Lawrence is sure to find it. When I called to follow up, Lawrence insisted that he was too old to change. But then he recalled how he had once assured the Los Angeles City Attorney that Jews for Jesus was not a cult. His heart softened, and he agreed to read the book. Please pray that Lawrence will find Yeshua.”

Also from Tuvya, “After reading our Turning to God booklet, that’s exactly what Connie S. did! Now that her heart belongs to Jesus, Connie wants to share Him with her unsaved Jewish boyfriend, Steve. Please pray for his salvation.”

Missionary trainee Brenda Forman reports from New York, “I’ve wept and prayed for my family’s salvation for 20 years—and I’m beginning to see the Holy Spirit at work in their lives! During a two-week orientation at Jews for Jesus headquarters in San Francisco, I was able to witness to my brother Michael and his girlfriend Raynette. They came to the house where all of us trainees were staying along with The Liberated Wailing Wall-in-training team. Michael didn’t seem to want our visit to end, and spent time with the other trainees as well. He was so impressed by their dedication (including Michael Sichy, who left his medical practice to become a missionary, and The Liberated Wailing Wall members who are preparing to live on a bus for 18 months) that he is now considering spiritual things. Please pray for Michael and Raynette’s salvation.”

CIS outreach worker Mikhail Vaishenholts reports, “Bronislav S. is half Chinese, half Jewish and half interested in the gospel. He’s been curious about Jews for Jesus, but hasn’t been able to attend our meetings. He recently bought a flat in Odessa—it’s only a two minute walk from our office! Please pray for his salvation.”

From Kate Fryer, outreach worker in Paris, “Two Jewish contacts from the 1995 Marseilles Campaign, Chantal and Dennis, are now believers! Praise the Lord.”

Paris branch leader Stephen Pacht reports, “I have been meeting with Ron P., an American Jewish man living in France. Ron claims he doesn’t believe in God, but admitted that this contradicts his belief in certain moral absolutes. Please pray that Ron will see the truth about Jesus.”

From Toronto, branch leader Andrew Barron reports, “My son Rafi and I were shoveling snow at home when a young Israeli stopped to ask about our Jews for Jesus van parked out front. It turned out, he had asked a local rabbi what to do since he believed in Jesus and the rabbi told him to call Jews for Jesus!”

Chicago missionary Lyn Bond reports, “God is working in Texas and He’s using the phone! Victoria, a Jewish woman in Dallas, was already interested in Jesus when she called our old Dallas branch number and was forwarded to Chicago! I suggested Bible passages for her to read and prayed with her that Yeshua would reveal Himself to her. Victoria called two days later to say that she had prayed to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord! God’s grace extends long distance!”

Michelle Rose of The Liberated Wailing Wall-in-training reports, “During our first day of presentations, we prayed that many would come to faith in Jesus despite our stagefright and shortcomings. We made some mistakes, but God, in His awesome grace, drew five people to Himself for salvation! Ten others rededicated their lives to Him! Praise the Lord!”

Also from The Liberated Wailing Wall training team Susan Stoller writes, “I met Jesse James W. from Vancouver while handing out broadsides. He showed me his journal and I saw how, just the day before, he had been asking questions about Jesus. We both recognized God’s “divine appointment” and minutes later, Jesse James asked Jesus to forgive his sin and give him eternal life—right there on the street corner!”

Fort Lauderdale missionary Greg Savitt reports, “Roger W. lives in Orlando, hours away from our office. So he and I have been visiting and having Bible studies by phone for several months. Roger asked good questions, but then he stopped returning my calls. Just when I thought he had given up on Jesus, Roger called to ask me not to give up on him. Recently, when I phoned him to continue our Bible discussions, he told me that he had company and would call me back. It turned out, the company consisted of three Christians from a local church who were witnessing door-to-door! As Roger and I talked about sin and salvation over the phone, praise God, he was ready to receive salvation in Yeshua that very night!”