I had a rather uneventful sortie at the University of Maryland, handing out one of my favorite broadsides, If Being Born hasn’t Given you Much Satisfaction, Try being Born Again.” A few days later, I was at our office doing some work, when the phone rang. I picked it up and a girl named Mary was on the other line. It seems she had found a pamphlet on the radiator at the University of Maryland. The title spoke to her heart (you guessed it, the “Born Again” broadside). As she read through it, she realized that it was true and that was what she believed about Jesus. While she had been raised in a church, this was the first time she had taken the gospel message personally. When she went to her church the following Sunday, the liturgy and sermon burned in her soul. She was so excited as her eyes had been opened to what Jesus truly did on the cross for HER. She looked around and saw stiff, bored faces. She wanted to scream out, “Don’t you realize what you’re reciting?!?” Yes, Mary was born again.

I was excited to hear her story because I realized that God had planned for the tract I had given someone else to end up in her hands.

That week, I was to speak at an InterVarsity meeting. Mary came and I introduced her to Christian friends her age who are as excited as she is about Jesus.

I learned a valuable lesson from Mary: We can’t always see the fruit of what we’re doing. Sometimes, the seed we sow is meant to bear fruit in another time and in another way than we intend.