May 1998 Newsletter (5758:9)

Reversing the Curse of Babel
May 1, 1998

You probably know that many churches will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday on May 24—but did you know that the original Day of Pentecost” fell during the Jewish celebration of Shavuos? Shavuos (pronounce shah voo ohs), sometimes called Pentecost, is one of three Jewish festivals that entailed a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The other two are the…

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The Meaning of the Harvest

By joining the spiritual worship to the physical harvest, God sanctified the language of the harvest and imbued it with great spiritual and even prophetic significance. We see this theme throughout the Bible. For example: In the Law

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How Does a Nice Gentile Boy Become a Jew for Jesus?
Author: Trent Perkins

Well, I didn’t exactly become a Jew for Jesus, but I did become one of the Jews for Jesus staff workers. And no, it was never on my little boy list of things I wanted to be when I grew up—which, by the way, was in a small town in Wisconsin. I had gone to…

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An Answer to a Mother’s Prayer
Author: Lynn McCoy

It was a cold winter day as a co-worker and I made our way to a downtown shopping area of Baltimore. Only a few people seemed willing to brave the cold of the city that afternoon and I wondered if we were really in the right place at the right time. As I began to…

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I had a rather uneventful sortie at the University of Maryland, handing out one of my favorite broadsides, If Being Born hasn’t Given you Much Satisfaction, Try being Born Again.” A few days later, I was at our office doing some work, when the phone rang. I picked it up and a girl named Mary…

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More Laughs from the Liberated Wailing Wall…

Which team member do you suppose managed to lock herself into the closet at the back of the bus? She says, I was hanging a jacket up while in transit when we lurched to the left and I fell into the back, the door clicking behind me! Needless to say, my kind, compassionate and loving…

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Myths That Can Keep You from Witnessing
Author: Moishe Rosen

You love the Lord. You know from Scripture that God wants you to tell everyone you can about salvation in Jesus, and that includes Jewish people. Yet you approach witnessing with at least some degree of fear and uncertainty. You feel vulnerable and somewhat uncertain. You fear creating an unpleasant situation—that your Jewish friends will…

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Bits from the Branches

Missionary Rahel Landrum was tending to a customer in our book store in London when the phone rang. She spoke briefly with James (whose father is Israeli) then passed the information on to her husband and co-worker, Mark. Mark met with James, who repented and asked Jesus to be Lord of his life on the…

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