As a missionary with Jews for Jesus, I get excited about being a part of a team that is so much larger than our own staff could ever be. We’re able to be a resource to churches all over the country and, in turn, our best source of contacts for follow-up comes from believers in Jesus who have a desire to see their unsaved Jewish family or friends come to know their Messiah.

A Jewish woman named Lisa wrote to our headquarters, inquiring about Jews for Jesus. Though an unbeliever, she was attending a church in Arizona with her husband, who is a Christian. The pastor suggested that she contact us. I’m in the Southern California district that presently reaches into Arizona, so her name and address came to me for follow up. Unfortunately, she hadn’t left her telephone number.

When I called information, I was disappointed that Lisa’s number wasn’t listed. I wrote a postcard offering to answer her questions and asking for her phone number. Before long, Lisa called our office and left a message for me, I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner but it’s taken me a week to get up the courage to call.” This time she left her number and I called later that same evening.

To my delight I found her quite open to knowing whether Yeshua was the Jewish Messiah. I shared several messianic prophecies with her and she practically asked me, “What must I do to be saved?” I explained the gospel and asked if she understood and believed, and she did—so we prayed a prayer of commitment together.

Lisa has already shared her new faith with her parents and brother. To her surprise, they seemed quite supportive. Her mother even indicated an interest in coming to a “Christ in the Passover” presentation the next time I come to Arizona.

I’m thankful for pastors like Lisa’s, who see us as an arm of the church and confidently refer their Jewish friends and acquaintances to us for ministry. Please remember Lisa in your prayers, as well as her family, that they too might come to have the peace and joy of knowing Yeshua as their Messiah.