Ed: We don’t normally print letters to the editor, but we were interested in the responses many people sent in regarding Moishe’s column, which appeared in the March newsletter. Some of our friends, like Roy in Peoria, found the column timely in clarifying a question:

Dear Jews for Jesus,

I want to thank you for the article from Moishe on the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, On Wings of Eagles.” I had just received all this info from them and wondered where this came from and what it was all about. I could find no story of belief in Jesus, so chose not to respond. But Rabbi Eckstein did have a way of leading you to want to be involved, so I can believe many might. So thank you—I so appreciate you giving time and space to clue me in.

Other friends, like Carol in Finn Rock, worried that we were discouraging Christians from supporting Israel or from helping Jewish people who want to leave Russia:

Mr. Rosen,

I am very confused. Did not Cyrus support the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem even though he was a gentile? Certainly we know from Scripture (Ezekiel) that it is God’s will that Jews return to Israel from the far North (Russia). How do we know that a Jew such as Yechiel Eckstein will not decide to settle in Israel and actually become one of the 144,000 Jews who will come into the kingdom?

We do want to be sure that all of our friends know we are always encouraged by Christian support of Israel and of the Russian Jewish community. We do believe in the return of the Jewish people to the Land in accordance with Scripture. Yet when the question was raised about “On Wings of Eagles,” we realized that if the background information were known, many might prefer to support Israel and new Israeli citizens through a straightforward Jewish organization—one that does not utilize Christians while requiring them to keep silent about their faith.

We feel it would be wrong to disparage any act of charity, but we hope to balance the perspective for those friends who are interested. As for the idea of Rabbi Eckstein as one of the 144,000—he is an excellent communicator and would make a terrific missionary. Let’s pray for him!


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