Music, drama and testimonies—The Liberated Wailing Wall packs our Jewish-style gospel presentations with all three. The traveling team usually ends its presentation with an invitation to respond to the gospel. At the end of one such presentation in Great Bend, Kansas, a woman raised her hand to indicate that she wanted to trust Jesus as her Messiah and Lord.

Team member Cindy Rudolph took note of the woman so that she could talk to her afterward. I felt bad that the only thing I would be able to offer her is our Growth Book, which is specifically designed for new Jewish believers. We’d run out of any other follow-up material, and I didn’t know how helpful a Growth Book would be to a woman in Great Bend, Kansas.” But as Cindy approached the woman, who was clad in overalls and wore a scarf over her shaved head, she noticed a Star of David around the woman’s neck. It turned out that fifty-two-year-old Annabelle was Jewish. She’d been searching for answers to life’s puzzling questions for quite some time. Annabelle had suffered many sorrows this year, including the death of her father. She had shaved her head in mourning over Rabin’s death. In the midst of all this, she saw our presentation announced in the local newspaper. She came to church to find out what Jews for Jesus is all about and, ultimately, to begin her walk with Yeshua.

Cindy says, “It was wonderful to share in the excitement and joy Annabelle felt as she realized that she didn’t have to give up her Jewish identity to believe in Jesus.” She was struggling with all kinds of issues and was full of questions and concerns about this “leap of faith.” Cindy encouraged her to take it one step at a time and assured her that the answers to her questions could all be found in God’s Word. She discussed the importance of regular fellowship and Bible study and introduced Annabelle to the pastor of that church.

As thrilled as Annabelle was about Jesus, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of going to church regularly. Nor did she feel comfortable being the only Jewish believer in Great Bend. The pastor surprised her by commenting that the church’s previous pastor was Jewish and that another Jewish believer in Jesus was a member of the congregation. Cindy encouraged Annabelle to meet that woman and also gave her the name of our Co-Laborers (volunteers) in Kansas.

Please pray for Annabelle, that she will grow and mature in God’s ways and that the Lord will use her to glorify Him and touch others with her story of His grace.

P.S. from Cindy: “I was very happy to be able to give away the Growth Book for new Jewish believers—in Great Bend of all places!”


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