What to Do With All Those Envelopes?????

Some have wondered what they should do with all the extra envelopes addressed to Jews for Jesus that they receive from us. These envelopes accompany every newsletter, donor receipt and virtually everything else we mail. We like to think of them as offering plates. As with offering plates that get passed around, whether or not a person puts anything in should depend upon God’s leading. With each of our mailings, we provide recipients with an opportunity to give to this ministry. Nevertheless, we realize that few would use every envelope we send. With that in mind, here’s a list of suggested other uses for those surplus envelopes:

  1. Use them to save paper clips.
  2. Use them to save rubber bands.
  3. Use them to store toothpicks.
  4. Use them for your kids to bring insects and various other specimens to science class.

We could suggest many other creative uses for these surplus envelopes, but space will not permit. Anyhow, please be very careful if you use the envelopes for any of the above. Someone might put a stamp on one of them and send it back to us, and we wouldn’t want that. We already have enough paper clips, rubber bands and toothpicks, and we don’t need any bugs!

Seriously, though, we do have two reasons for including self-addressed envelopes with every mailing. When used, they prevent donations from being misaddressed and lost. Also, if donors use the envelopes that come with their Newsletters, their account numbers are already printed on them. That saves the administrative staff enough time on look-ups to make it worth the cost of sending the extra envelopes.

Jews for Jesus thanks you in advance for your donations—and if you don’t use all our envelopes, do recycle the paper!


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