Try It—God Will Use You!

In Dallas, office worker Joyce received an encouraging phone call. Stephanie, a Christian college student, had reluctantly carried out a homework assignment for a Campus Crusade group by sharing the gospel with her roommate, Ashleigh. To Stephanie’s surprise, Ashleigh prayed with her to repent and receive forgiveness through Christ—then, if that wasn’t enough, she told Stephanie that she was Jewish! Pray for Ashleigh to grow in her new faith. And praise God for the way He honored Stephanie’s obedience. He typically blesses our efforts even when we don’t quite feel up to the job!

Why We Keep Handing Out Those Tracts…

Broadsiding is not the most sophisticated way to witness, and we won’t win any popularity contests doing it, but how can we stop when things like this happen?

Toronto missionary Marcello Araujo was on his way to visit a contact. As he waited for the bus, a middle-aged woman asked him for directions. Then she said, I think I know you. I’ve seen you somewhere.”

Marcello smiled and said, “I don’t think so. I don’t know how or where we could have met.”

She replied, “You are one of those Jews for Jesus. I’ve seen you passing out those despicable pamphlets! How can you call yourself Jewish?!”

Marcello asked the woman who she thought Jesus was, and she would not answer. He then asked if she would be willing to read information about Him. Just as Marcello’s bus was coming, the woman gave him her name, address and phone number for further contact!

We continue to make ourselves vulnerable to rejection because many people really do want to know more—especially those who seem to be angry.

The Continuing Adventures of Bernie

Remember Bernie from previous “Bits” (A Welcome Interruption)? Bernie, a Jewish café owner, came to the Lord with help from Glenn Harris, our missionary in New Jersey. When Bernie told his Christian neighbor that he believed in Jesus and was going to be baptized, the Christian neighbor was so excited that he told his boss, David, about it. David, also Jewish, knocked on Bernie’s door at 4:00 in the morning, wanting to dissuade him from believing in Jesus.

Bernie listened to David, then replied, “Thank you for sharing that with me, but tell me, how would you like it if I knocked on your door and woke you up at four in the morning to tell you about Jesus?”

The next day, Bernie invited Glenn to the café to meet David, who was planning to stop by. The three of them were joined by Jason, a young Jewish man who regularly comes to the café. When it was time for Glenn to leave, Jason said, “I’m really interested in what you’re saying, and I want to come to your Bible study. Let me give you my card.” That encounter resulted in a visit with Jason who, within a few weeks, prayed to give his heart to Jesus. Now we need prayer for David, who has much zeal without real knowledge.

God Always Gets It Right!

Missionary Robyn Wilk, from our San Francisco branch, was in our Berkeley book shop telephoning people listed on our data base. She came across Renee’s name and made the call. Renee was open to receiving further information from us in the mail, but when Robyn asked how her delivery job was going, there was silence at the other end. Robyn found out that the Renee on our data base was a man, and in looking up the phone number, she had reached the “wrong” Renee. Robyn said, “I love when God does that! He takes our mistakes and uses them to accomplish His work.”

A Modern Fairy Tale That Happens to Be True

In London, Caroline Hewitt was waiting in line for the elevator at Covent Garden Station when she heard an Orthodox Jewish family behind her discussing her Jews for Jesus jacket.

“Jews for Jesus? Daddy, what’s Jews for Jesus?” asked a child of approximately nine years.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” her father replied.

“Look, there! Jews for Jesus#8230;” (pointing to the writing on Caroline’s back).

“Really, you say funny things.”

“No, look!”

You’ve heard of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? This was “The Missionary’s Old Jacket”—where only the child was innocent enough to admit that the missionary was wearing something!

Freely We Have Received…Freely We Give!

In a chance encounter, Paris director Stephen Pacht met Nelly, a rather sophisticated lady. Nelly was interested in knowing more about what we believe, and, to Stephen’s surprise, she offered to pay someone to give her Bible lessons. Stephen assigned Nelly to staff worker Joëlle Rubin who, of course, does not charge anyone for instruction. Now Nelly has put her trust in Yeshua! Pray that Nelly will soon get integrated into a good church.