I did my normal shopping at the Prevos. My bags were heavy, so I flagged down a car* to drive me home. When I told the driver my address, he asked how much I would pay him. I hate it when people are that greedy, so I just shut the door and flagged down another car. This time when I told the man my address he simply said, ‘Sit down.’

“Every time I drive with someone I witness to them and find out if they are Jewish, so I began to witness to this man. He was Jewish, and he listened very intently. When I asked if he would give me his name, address and phone number, he did and asked when I could come and visit him.

“I asked, ‘When would you like?’ and he replied, ‘Can you come tomorrow?’ The next day when I went to his apartment, he was there with his wife, his daughter, his future son-in-law and his mother-in-law.”

“In my purse I had five Bibles. As I witnessed to the whole family, they followed along as I read the Scriptures. They were very warm and asked when I would come back, so we scheduled another visit for the next week. I came back for the second visit and like the last time, they listened intently and we read the Bible together. When I asked them if they would like to receive Jesus into their lives, all five of them responded favorably!”

* In the Ukraine negotiating rides in private cars is the accepted (and presumably safe) alternative to the very limited taxi service.