News from the C.I.S.: The Adventures of Debbie Links*

Adventure #1: I never thought another city could beat Odessa for sorties, but Moscow is really a broadsider’s heaven! Ella (our outreach worker in Moscow) and I were broadsiding people coming off the escalators of the Pushkinskaya Metro Station. The area is kept immaculately clean. When the man who cleans the station noticed that some people had thrown their tracts on the ground, he became very angry with me and insisted that I pick up the discarded tracts. I explained that I would when I was finished working, but that made him even angrier.

“He began to push me and tried to drag me out the door. I didn’t know what to say, so I just started yelling in English. People stopped and stared. One woman came over and told the man in Russian that I did not understand Russian and he should leave me alone. It was strange to have people talking about me as though I couldn’t understand, when, in fact, I did! I just kept quiet and let the woman defend me.

“The man finally backed off, and the woman and I began to talk. Wouldn’t you know that the only person out of the crowd who stopped to help me was Jewish, and she wanted to know more about Jesus? I got her name for further contact!”

Adventure #2: “I took 2,000 broadsides to a sortie near the Prevos and after about two hours my tract bag was nearly empty. A bit bored with that site, I noticed that across the street about 50 to 75 people were waiting in a line to buy bread. I thought, Why not make the most of every situation? I crossed the street and handed out the rest of my broadsides to the people in the breadline.”

Adventure #3: “On a sortie outside the kalabasa (sausage) store I started to talk to Anna, an old Jewish woman. She was crying because none of the state stores had milk, and she could hardly afford it even when they did. I felt terrible for her, so I asked if I could come and visit her. The next day I brought some milk and a few other things to her apartment. Together we read Isaiah 53, and I prayed for her. I felt there was something very special about Anna, and I asked if I could return with a friend of mine who could communicate more clearly with her in Russian about Jesus.

“Larissa, my Russian teacher, came with me on my next visit. She explained to Anna how Jesus had changed her life, read part of Isaiah 53 to her and asked her if she wanted to be forgiven of her sins. Anna readily agreed and repeated the prayer of repentance after Larissa.”

* Debbie’s volunteer ministry in the C.I.S. is sponsored by The Christian Approach to the Jew of the Philadelphia Presbytery.


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