May 1993 Newsletter (5753:7)

No Bargain Churches
May 1, 1993
Author: Moishe Rosen

The man and his wife summed up their varied church experiences with, We have yet to find a church we care to join.” I looked each of them in the eye and asked, “So, what kind of church do you think God intends for you to join?” I wasn’t...

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News from the C.I.S.: Laborers for the Harvest
Author: Avi Snyder

If you’re not planning to use the information we’re giving you, then you’ve wasted your time, and you’ve wasted our time—and you know what? We Jews for Jesus don’t like to waste time!” It was not the kind of statement one might...

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News from the C.I.S.: The Way To Go

I did my normal shopping at the Prevos. My bags were heavy, so I flagged down a car* to drive me home. When I told the driver my address, he asked how much I would pay him. I hate it when people are that greedy, so I just shut the door and flagged down another car....

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Sick of Death, I Found New Life

God has unique ways of dealing with each of us. He meets us where we are and brings us to Himself in individual ways. That was the case with me. My religious background is common to many Jews. My home life was traditionally Jewish, and I attended an Orthodox Jewish...

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The Power of Prayer

In my adolescence I began to be aware of the world around me—of social standards and peer pressure. I had some big questions but I had hardly any answers. I had never heard of a personal God. I had been exposed to formal religion and ritual, but never to the worship...

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A Look Backwards

One day when I was a teenager I got to school earlier than usual. To my surprise, I couldn’t go inside my homeroom because a prayer meeting” was going on. A few of my fellow high school students and I took turns peeking through the window. There in a small...

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