May 1991 Newsletter (5751:7)

No Copyright on God
May 1, 1991
Author: Moishe Rosen

Very early one morning the telephone rang at my home. It was The London Times calling to interview me for an article. I am not accustomed to trans-Atlantic phone calls first thing in the morning, but I did my best. After the interview I waited expectantly to see what the Times would print about Jews…

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Grace Upon Grace

If you said to the average Christian, Isn’t it wonderful how God extends his grace to people in the New Testament?” you would probably get an immediate affirmation of, “Yes, it is!” But if you said to the same person, “Isn’t it wonderful how God extends his grace to people in the Old Testament?” the…

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Heavenly Relationships
Author: Avi Snyder

Lynn and I had decided to meet on campus during a break between her classes. I noticed something,” she said. “When you talk about God, a lot of times you use two different analogies. Either you give examples about a father and his children, or you talk about a husband and wife.” “Do I?” I…

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And Thy House?

I stared in bewilderment at the memorandum in my hand: "The Jews for Jesus Ingathering is coming up, and I’d like to ask for your involvement. Specifically, would you please assist with the children’s program and give a workshop on Praying for Unbelieving Mishpochah (Yiddish for family)." Children’s program? Sure. But a workshop on praying…

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North Beach Echoes
Author: Moishe Rosen

About twenty years ago Jews for Jesus was only a slogan. It began with a group of loosely affiliated friends — Jesus freaks” we were called–and it was the time of the “Jesus revolution.” The Jesus revolutionaries wanted to make a sweeping gospel statement by demonstrating in public, but they didn’t know how. I had…

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Keep Up the Good Work
Author: Art Weiner

I have a college degree in economics. I concentrated on foreign economic systems, wrote papers on both the Polish and Yugoslav economies and took one class specifically on Karl Marx. As a Christian I saw many problems with Marx’s theories, but I always had a feeling that some day my knowledge of his ideas would…

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