May 1990 Newsletter (5750:7)

We Don’t Need A Pity Party
May 1, 1990
Author: Moishe Rosen

Many Jewish believers in Jesus can really identify with Joseph in the life of faith. There was Joseph—innocently trusting his brothers to be happy for him about his talents and good fortune. He probably couldn’t wait to show them his new coat, evidence of his...

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The Mystery Of Faith

Looking back on three recent discussions about Psalm 22 with three unbelieving Jewish people, I see that each occasion provided me with a different insight into an unbeliever’s response to Scripture. Psalm 22 is a wonderfully unique passage of messianic...

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The Land Still Flows With Milk & Honey
Author: Mitch Glaser

As the Jewish people prepared to take the Land of Promise , twelve spies crossed the Jordan River on a fact-finding mission. Two of the twelve, Joshua and Caleb, returned with a good report about God’s faithfulness concerning his promise. The others, and the...

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The Conductor And The Caboose

It was a chilly Saturday and I had a hospital visit to make. I would rather have stayed home in bed that morning, but duty was calling me. I arranged the visit and asked Sharon to accompany me. Sharon is one of the approved students who works with Jews for Jesus at...

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Minor Jewish Holidays

In addition to the major holidays commanded in Scripture, Jewish people observe several minor celebrations and fast days. The best known of these are Hanukkah (the winter Feast of Lights or Dedication) and Purim (the Feast of Esther). Most of the others, especially...

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