The Spirit Brings Life

Several months ago I asked many of our ministry friends to pray that the Lord would bring across my path more Jewish people who were open to the gospel. Rebecca and Michael are two such answers to my prayers and the prayers of our supporters.

Rebecca is a convert to Judaism. When I first met Rebecca, she was not very open to considering the gospel, but I prayed for her and contacted her again. It was remarkable to see that the Lord had been working in her life after our first meeting. Rebecca had undergone some really specific and undeniable experiences that convinced her that Jesus was the Messiah. It was so encouraging to find out that between the time I had first spoken to her and the time of our next conversation, she had prayed to receive Yeshua.

With Rebecca I had not risked being too forceful about a decision before she was ready. I spoke to her sensitively and then trusted the Holy Spirit to do his work of conversion. Now Rebecca is growing strong in the Lord, but she still has many questions regarding her Jewishness and believing in Yeshua. Please pray for her.

Michael’s coming to faith, on the other hand, was totally different. He was a contact we had received from our summer campaign training. It was difficult to get in touch with Michael, but finally I succeeded. Our first meeting went better than I could have thought or dreamed.

Michael came from Rumania. The family name had been changed to protect them from anti-Semitism, and he found out about his Jewish roots from his grandmother. Michael and I talked about religion in general. He was familiar with Christianity only in a remote sense, because all religion is discouraged in his country, which is under Communist control.

We discussed God, his holiness and man’s separation from him due to disobedience. Michael had a keen sense of his sinfulness. He also believed in God and knew that he had disobeyed him.

When I explained God’s plan of salvation to Michael, he was not ready immediately to receive Yeshua. I invited him to our Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) service, and he traveled quite a distance by bus and train to attend.

At the close of the Yom Kippur service, an invitation was given for people to accept Yeshua as Messiah and God’s provision for our atoning sacrifice. I watched to see who would respond, and I was excited when Michael was one of them. I sought him out immediately and verified that he had really prayed to receive Yeshua as his Messiah and Savior. Now Michael is growing in the Lord. He already has a hunger for the Word and is faithfully attending a congregation.

As believers, many times we want to assume too much of the responsibility of bringing people to faith. God just wants us to be faithful and available vessels for his use. His Holy Spirit will do the rest, as evidenced by these two new believers who are God’s answer to my prayers and the prayers of many others.


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