Yeshua Is the Key

Yeshua is the key that unlocks all of Scripture. The central and unifying theme of the Bible is God’s plan of universal redemption through Israel’s Messiah, whom we can see either literally, prophetically or symbolically in every book of both Old and New Testaments.

In Genesis: He is the Creator and the Seed of the Woman

In Exodus: He is the Passover Lamb

In Leviticus: He is the Atoning Sacrifice

In Numbers: He is the smitten Rock, the One lifted up in the wilderness and the Bread sent from heaven

In Deuteronomy: He is the true prophet

In Joshua: He is the Captain of the Lord’s host

In Judges: He is our great Deliverer

In Ruth: He is our Kinsman-Redeemer

In I and II KIngs, Samuel and Chronicles: He is the promised King

In Ezra and Nehemiah: He is Israel’s Restorer

In Esther: HE is the Advocate for his people

In Job: He is the ever-living Redeemer

In Psalms: He is the Only-begotten of God, universal King, Shepherd of our souls and chief Cornerstone

In Proverbs: He is our Pattern and our Example

In Ecclesiastes: He is life’s Goal

In Song of Solomon: He is the long-awaited, beloved Bridegroom

In Isaiah: He is the Root our of dry ground, the Suffering Servant, wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace

In Jeremiah’s Writings: He is the Righteous Branch and the Sovereign Lord

In Ezekiel: He is the Likeness of the glory of God

In Daniel: He is the Son of Man, the smiting Stone not cut with hands and the ruling Prince

In Hosea: He is the redeeming Husband of the fallen wife

In Joel: He is the Restorer

In Amos: He is the heavenly Husbandman

In Obadiah: He is Savior

In Jonah: He is the Resurrector

In Micah: He is the Witness against transgression and Israel’s eternal Ruler born in Bethlehem

In Nahum: He is the Avenger and Stronghold in time of trouble

In Habakkuk: He is the God of our salvation

In Zephaniah: He is the Instrument of judgment and the mighty King who will rejoice over his people in love

In Haggai: He is the Desire of all nations

In Zechariah: He is Israel’s King and Savior coming in humility

In Malachi: He is the Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings

In the Gospels: He is the loving Redeemer who came to seek and save

In Acts: He is the risen Messiah who empowers by his Spirit

In Romans: He is our Righteousness

In the Epistles: He is at the Father’s right hand

In the Revelation: He is the returning King and Judge of all the earth


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