I was handing out our gospel broadsides on Madison and La Salle Streets in the heart of the business district of the Chicago Loop.” The nickname “Windy City” was once again proving to be all too appropriate, and pedestrians were scurrying about, trying to get in out of the wind and imminent rainfall.

The tract I was handing out was “Scared of the Dark?” It discussed the darkness of the human heart, and that Jesus, the Light of the World, had come so that we wouldn’t have to walk in that darkness (John 8:12). As I watched the faces of the people who whizzed past me, I wondered which of them belonged to those who were walking in the light. I noticed that so many of those faces wore no smiles. They were blank and expressionless and probably belonged to hearts and minds that were still enslaved in the darkness of unbelief. Several believers did stop and identify themselves and, as always, that was a great encouragement to me.

Then one man who rushed by with his hand out to take a tract caught my attention—at least his hat did. He was wearing a cap with a message on it. It read, “Rumor Control.” I didn’t know just what was meant by that, but it started me thinking. You might say that we in Jews for Jesus are in the business of “rumor control.” You see, there’s been a rumor going around for quite some time now that Jews and Jesus just don’t go together. Minor variations on this theme are, “You can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus”; “Jesus is not for the Jews” and “the Messiah has not yet come.”

As one who grew up in a strong Jewish community, I know the effect that such “rumors” can have. They can close off a person’s thinking and block all consideration of the One who is the Light of the World and can liberate people from the darkness of unbelief. The problem is that the more a rumor spreads, the harder it gets to tell fact from fiction. We in Jews for Jesus are working hard to dispel that myth about Jesus not being for the Jews. With the Lord’s empowering and the help of our believing friends who stand with us, we are seeing many of our Jewish people learning to distinguish between rumor and truth and between darkness and light so that they can come to know Yeshua, the One who is the truth.