What do you do when you have a lot of unresolved questions and inner conflicts concerning a very important issue in your life? It helps most people to seek out another individual or group who has had similar experiences and can give you a witness” or personal story.

This is what Ann was seeking when she called the Jews for Jesus headquarters from her home in Memphis with her questions about God. Ann is Jewish and seriously considering Jesus as her Messiah.

Since the Liberated Wailing Wall was in the Memphis area for a week, I contacted Ann to see if we could meet personally. On the phone that morning, Ann quickly extended an invitation for lunch at her home. When I arrived, she and her daughter, Melanie, both greeted me at the door. It was encouraging to see their friendliness and warmth, and their openness in discussing the Gospel.

After lunch, Ann began to explain her background and her search for “real meaning” in life. She had been a member of a large Reform synagogue but had become disillusioned with the emptiness of the services. Upon discussing Jesus with a minister she had met a year earlier, both Ann and Melanie had begun reading a New Testament he had given them. Ann finished by saying she saw Jesus as a real alternative for her life.

So what is holding her back? you might ask. Ann’s hesitation to ask Jesus into her life results from a conflict of fear and faith. She loves her family and fears the reaction of her 75-year-old mother as well as other family members and friends. On the other hand, she loves God and wants to commit her life to Him.

We finished our conversation by turning to some Old Testament Scriptures and discussing Ann’s doubts and fears from God’s perspective.

Please pray that Ann and Melanie, who have received my witness of how a Jew can believe in Jesus, will step out in faith toward a firm commitment to God. Please pray also that they will find fellowship with other Jewish Christians in their area who will reinforce and support them.


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