Many Israelis request the New Testament through our website, but Aaron’s request was like no other—because he actually used to burn New Testaments to protest their distribution!

Raised in a traditional Orthodox Jewish home, Aaron, as a young man, joined various Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) movements. He studied the Yiddish language, the Talmud, and Jewish mysticism. Somehow, none of his studies satisfied Aaron’s spiritual hunger. When he left the Haredi community two years ago, he decided to do his own research and found himself wondering about Yeshua (Jesus).

Aaron connected with us through our website at the beginning of the pandemic. He was excited to find us and reached out to our missionary, Alex, to receive a New Testament.

In June, Alex invited Aaron to a webinar about Messianic prophecies. Aaron listened quietly throughout. In September, he texted Alex questions about forgiveness of sins through Jesus. By October, he professed faith in Jesus and asked Alex to baptize him in November! (Pictured above.) Alex has continued studying the Bible with him.

Aaron now wants everyone to know what he discovered as he was reading the New Testament. He told Alex, “I was looking for Christmas and found Passover. I was looking for lies and found the truth. Yeshua is the light of the world!”

A Few Fast Facts About Israelis

  • 47% of the estimated 14.5 million Jewish people worldwide reside in Israel
  • 500,000-800,000 Israelis live in the US
  • 20,000 estimated Israelis live in Berlin
  • 70,000-80,00 Israelis live in the United Kingdom
  • Also, more than 40,000 Israelis visit India each year

Thank you for helping us reach Israelis in Israel and throughout the world!