The Meaning of Hineni 

Hineni is Hebrew for “Here I am.” Abraham said “hineni” when God called him to leave his home in search of the promised land; Moses said “hineni” when God called him to proclaim freedom to a people in bondage; Isaiah said “hineni” when God called him to preach the good news to the poor and bind up the brokenhearted. 

And “hineni” is what a group of young Jewish believers (led by Moishe Rosen, a not-so-young missionary) said when the Jews for Jesus ministry was founded back in 1973. We composed and sang “Hineni” songs to express our passion for the calling God had given us. In fact, when our articles of incorporation were drawn up, our official name was “Hineni Ministries.” We changed our name when it turned out that there was another Jewish (but not for Jesus) organization by that name. That was just as well because Jews for Jesus makes it much more obvious who we are and what we stand for. But we’ve never forgotten the importance of the word “hineni.” It’s not only part of our history; it embodies a simple, heartfelt commitment that we share with one another, and with those of you who stand with us.

Our Hineni Partners

Jews for Jesus Hineni Partners are a dedicated group of monthly donors who have a God-given heart for the salvation of Jewish people. They are people like you, who have said, “Here I am! I am responding to God’s call on my heart to reach His people.” And because of you, Jews for Jesus is able to make a greater impact for the gospel as we go and tell Jewish people about Jesus, invite them to come and see what He means to us, and love and serve those whose physical and spiritual needs He is calling us to meet.

We appreciate every single partner who supports us—each and every gift you give makes a difference in the lives of the Jewish people we are reaching. But we especially want to recognize those of you who are able and willing to give monthly, because your commitment enables us to plan our outreaches based on the resources that regularly come in.

If you want to learn more about joining this special community and becoming one of our Hineni Partners, visit