Do you want to be part of a team of people who are passionate about offering the gospel to Jewish people around the world? If your eyes just brightened, here’s a wonderful opportunity that might be just right for you.

We need volunteers to serve alongside us! We provide the training and the fellowship through our Co-Laborer in Messiah (CLIM) program. This year’s one-of-a-kind training in Jewish evangelism will be at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, June 2–8, 2019.

What does a CLIM do after training?

You get to choose from a variety of projects, or launch your own!

For example:

One group of volunteers has signed on to be agents in our chatroom. They have meaningful conversations with Jewish people, and even have the privilege of praying the prayer of faith with some. “The chatroom allows me to connect with people who need the comfort of the Lord,” Regen says. Alley, another agent, enjoys participating in theological discussions during her livechat sessions.

Margarita Holley, in Northern California, teaches weekly Bible studies to the elderly in two retirement homes, with several Jewish people attending. “I love teaching the Bible to people who can’t get to church; I bring church to them.”

A group of 12 CLIMs from around the country has been calling Jews for Jesus donors every week, not to solicit funds, but just to thank them for their financial support. This leads to meaningful conversations, and opportunities to pray with and for our faithful supporters.

Russell Rintelmann from Michigan has a letter ministry to prisoners all over the country. “I’m a retired officer from the Michigan Department of Corrections, and this ministry is uniquely suited to me,” he says.

Lesa Lovejoy

Lesa Lovejoy

Lesa Lovejoy, from Colorado, served as chef for our council meetings for many years. She has recently enrolled in Bible college to be better equipped for ministry.

Kristy Welles, from Washington State, runs a booth at the Mercer Island Summer Art Fair every year, where she and other CLIMs talk to many Jewish people about Jesus.

Russell Rintelmann

Russell Rintelmann

Bob Oxford, from Oregon, especially likes serving in Ashland, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where, in the summer months and holidays, he talks to many Jewish students who come into town.

Shiva Myers, from North Carolina, keeps busy teaching Bible studies in church and sometimes in prison. She loves highlighting the Jewish roots of the faith, from the Old to the New Testaments.

Paula Perry, from Nebraska, loves direct evangelism. She’s been all over the world – Russia, Israel, France, South Africa, to name a few – with the gospel. “Nothing gives me more joy than telling people about Jesus,” she says. Twice a year she and a friend travel by car to neighboring states to speak to students on college campuses about Messiah.

Those CLIMs who are not as comfortable speaking with folks they don’t know, serve in meaningful ways, too; they write thank-you postcards to our donors, host prayer groups in their homes, and pray for our ministry outreaches and needs.

Can you picture yourself in any of these scenarios? Or maybe they’ve sparked a brand new creative idea of how you can serve alongside Jews for Jesus. We invite you to call or write me, Carolyne Rohrig, Trained Partners Coordinator, at, or call 415-864-2600 x 1159.