From Israel:

A woman phoned me, saying that some Notzri (a Hebrew word for Christian that often has negative connotations) suggested the rehab center where I serve could help her alcoholic son, Samson. I was able to share the gospel with her over the phone, and then I called her son.

Samson explained that he’d been through government-run rehab more than once, and didn’t see what another stint in rehab could offer. I shared my testimony as a former addict, and told him that Yeshua could give him real freedom. He agreed to try. The next day, I brought Samson to the center.

Three days later he was excited to tell me how different the place was from government rehab, and how he didn’t want alcohol or cigarettes. The Holy Spirit was already working in his heart, but he didn’t yet realize it. We started studying the Bible together, and I helped him understand about sin and Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice.

Praise God, after a month in rehab and reading the Bible regularly, Samson approached me to pray with him as he received Jesus into his heart and life! Please join with us in praying for Samson and all the others in the rehab house – that their faith will be strengthened and that God will continue to transform their lives.

— Igal Vender, serving with us in Israel in partnership with Christian Witness for Israel