Please pray for:

  • God’s blessing on the partnerships David described in his article, and especially for the work in progress with Delta, as we look to increase short-term missions opportunities in Israel
  • fruitful ministry for our missionaries as they travel far and wide presenting “Christ in the Passover”; pray that many seekers will attend the presentations and be open to the gospel, and that many believers will catch a vision for Jewish evangelism and help us with prayers and finances
  • salvation for David’s friends, and continued wisdom and courage for him to share with them in Israel, also salvation for Amiel who wants to know more but is fearful of his religious family’s reaction  and salvation for Leonid in Kharkov
  • God to continue using the story of Mosab Hassan Yousef to make Jewish people curious about Jesus, and salvation for Gilad in Switzerland and Alison’s contact in London, who both are interested because of Yousef’s story
  • new Jewish believer Ellen in NYC to grow in her faith
  • fruitful follow-up from the Holiday of Holiday’s festival in Haifa
  • God’s blessing as we invest in the next generation of Jews for Jesus