Chances are, the culture of your city or neighborhood isn’t as tough as Paris, France when it comes to scorning or even prohibiting public expressions of faith. But maybe you could identify with Josh Turnil when he wrote about breaking cultural mores. When it comes to talking about God, our legislation tells us we have freedom, but our society tells us there are certain things that “just aren’t done.”

Can I tell you who I really like in Josh’s story? The volunteer who said, “I’ll come and help … but I won’t wear a Jews for Jesus T-shirt.” I like him because even though he wasn’t exactly being a team player at the beginning, he had the guts to change his mind. Why? Because he saw that the T-shirts were helping the others have good conversations with unsaved Jewish people. And that mattered more than any personal embarrassment he might have associated with clothing himself as a human billboard.

Maybe you’ve been invited to do something for the Lord that goes against the “norm” and takes you outside your comfort zone. It’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to say no and maybe you already have refused. But maybe you’ll change your mind and try it anyway, in a group or with a friend. Any embarrassment you might feel will be only momentary … and the gain for someone whose attention is drawn to Jesus could be eternal.