As David mentioned, Passover begins at sundown on March 25 and the Feast of Unleavened Bread lasts through April 2.

For a twist on our quirky holiday quizzes, this time we thought we’d offer you a quirky “complete the rhyme.”

A joyous time is Passover, as all of us should know,
It marks the time when Israel was freed from …

  1. Cupid’s bow or
  2. the Pharaoh

The plagues were ten and each made clear the message God would show
to Egypt’s king who did not want to …

  1. learn to doh-see-doh or
  2. let God’s people go

But God prevailed and Pharaoh failed to keep the Hebrews down,
To former slaves at last he said …

  1. you’ve earned your cap and gown or
  2. you’d best get out of town!

The Hebrews left, it seemed at last that they were really free,
But Pharaoh changed his mind again and …

  1. said please stop for tea or
  2. chased them to the sea

But God told Moses, “Lift your rod” and then the sea did part,
The Hebrews passed, but Pharaoh drowned …

  1. because he wasn’t smart or
  2. because of his hard heart

But don’t forget the reason that God set His people free,
He said* “You shall permit them now …

  1. … to watch big screen TV”
  2. … to come and worship me”

*Paraphrased from Exodus 8:1