Moti Vaknin reports, “I was driving home at about 1:00a.m. when I stopped to pick up a Hasidic hitchhiker. Soon he asked me what am I doing in my life, so I explained that I am studying theology at Israel College of the Bible. He asked me what theology means, so I said, ‘You see, I am a Messianic Jew, and we study the Bible so that we can know exactly what God is calling us to do in our life, and how to be most effective in our life and mission.’

“He looked at me with a smile and asked, ‘What is a Messianic Jew?’ I explained to him that a Messianic Jew is someone who believes that the Messiah has come already and His name is Yeshua, the One who’s called Yeshu in Israel. ‘So you are Christian,’ he said, and I reiterated that I am a Jew who believes in the Messiah, the One that fulfilled the prophecies in the Bible. I said, ‘He died for my sin and your sin as an atonement, and God resurrected Him on the third day.’

“Then this man (his name is Ruben) told me that a few weeks ago he met a girl named Avigail on the street and she gave him a CD. When I asked him to describe her, he said that she was very kind, and when he told me what she looked like I knew that this is the same Avigail who is also part of our Jews for Jesus branch.

“When we arrived at Ruben’s destination, I pulled over and we got into a deep conversation for almost 45 minutes. I looked on the clock and it was already 2:20 a.m. He had just been sitting and listening and we read a few Scriptures together. When we finished I asked for his contact, but he was not ready to give it to me; he said that he was afraid the things I have to say will confuse him.

Please pray for Ruben, who is in his late twenties. I think that God is really working in his life since he ‘happened’ to meet two of us by ‘coincidence.'”

Somewhere in Belarus

Dima reports, “A volunteer and I were visiting people in a distant district of ____. I hadn’t been to that district yet, so they were all first-time visits. We rang the first doorbell and asked the man who answered to see Nadya.
‘Who is asking for her? I am her husband, and she’s not home now.’ I introduced myself and asked the husband, Leonid, if he could give us some time. He agreed, and to the question ‘Who do you think Jesus is,’ Leonid replied that of course, Jesus was ‘our guy’ (Jewish), but he doubted that Jesus was our Messiah. I asked if he would read our literature and he said, ‘Why not?’ I gave him a book, They Began to Think. Please pray for God to touch the hearts of this Jewish man and his wife.

“Our second visit was to Lyubov. I rang the entrance door intercom and someone asked who I was. I introduced myself and was let in. It turned out that Lyubov was going through a difficult time. Her husband Eduard was seriously ill and asleep in the next room as she listened with interest to the gospel news. ‘Can you tell all these things to my husband, when he joins us next time?’ I said, ‘Of course, I will call you and we will meet when it’s convenient.’ Please pray for that family to find faith and shalom through our Messiah Yeshua.

“Maxim began receiving our literature about ten years ago. The gospel seed worked in him powerfully, and he believed. Then he emigrated to the United States, but the literature continued coming to his home, where his younger brother Mikhail began to read it. Recently, Mikhail came to believe in the Lord, and he plans to be baptized in April. Please pray for God to strengthen Mikhail’s faith.”