The following are just a couple of extracts from some of Moishe’s leadership lessons. They are part of a collection that will probably appear as an index in the above mentioned biography.


If I’ve had any success in life, it’s that I’ve refused to compete with other people.  I’ve competed only with myself, because I’m not trying to better them; I’m trying to better me. Can I do better? Can I beat myself?  That’s the way you have to think.  It’s not just when things go wrong, but when they go right as well that we should ask, What could I have done better?”  When you find an area where you’re gifted and you do very well in something, that’s where you really concentrate on doing better because you can excel.

Controversy and Conflict

The natural man wants to avoid controversy and conflict. The spiritual person knows that it’s inevitable, even though she or he never enjoys it. We don’t like to cause pain, and perhaps the impact of the gospel causes pain. That pain is momentary, but there’s an even worse, eternal pain. We should not mute our proclamation in order to avoid impact. But we should sharpen it and focus it so it can cause impact at the right time, at the right place, in the right way.