New York

Simon Lissak reports, I was in the Diamond District of New York when I met Jacob, a young Israeli in his twenties who came up specifically to ask me, ‘What is Jews for Jesus all about?’ I answered his question and at the end of our conversation I offered to meet with him to talk about this further. Jacob agreed and gave me his e-mail address and phone number. Please pray for God to work in his heart.

“I then met Lauren, a Jewish woman, also in her twenties. Amazingly, it emerged that she was English, lived in London, even went to my old school—and was only in New York for a few hours! Lauren never really connected with the Orthodox synagogue that her family attends and feels in limbo about her faith. I explained how I was fulfilled as a Jew through faith in Jesus. She gave me her e-mail and has agreed to meet when I finish my New York training and return to London.”


Oded Cohen reports, “After asking you to pray for Ami,* I want to share the good news that he now believes in Jesus! Before we left for a recent trip, we took Ami to a congregation and he has attended every week since. After returning home to Israel I called Ami, and during our conversation I asked, ‘Where are you at now? Did you come to believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior?’ Ami responded, ‘Oh yes, yes, definitely.’ He added, ‘Since I came to believe, I can really pray to God.’ He has already told his mom and thinks that she is not too far from believing herself. He also told his friends—one of whom has already met with another of our missionaries. This friend said he wished he could believe, too. Please pray for Ami’s spiritual growth and for salvation for his friends and family.”

Bimini Cohen reports, “One of our missionaries in New York requested by e-mail that we follow up with Avi* (an Israeli believer he met who was vacationing in New York). We recognized from the brief description of his salvation story that we know him! My husband Oded and Avi attended the same Jews for Jesus Bible study back in 1999—when they were new believers. We also had the privilege of attending Avi’s baptism under the Golden Gate Bridge in the Pacific Ocean, but we lost touch with him when he moved back to Israel. Not too long ago, we thought of him and were wondering how we might find him. Well, God certainly answered that prayer! He is now married with a child and lives near us. We look forward to seeing him again and hope to have a ministry to his wife, who does not yet believe. Please pray for our contact with them.”
*not his real name


Dina Markova reports, “Olga* and I live in the same block. In the past, I shared the Good News with her and told her about our faith in detail. Olga didn’t seem to show interest, and I stopped calling her. Recently, when I saw her in the neighborhood, she asked me why I hadn’t call her in a while. It turned out that she was far more interested and open than our last visit had indicated. She asked me to visit her home for a cup of tea. We came to her place and the first thing we did was to pray the sinner’s prayer. Olga thanked Yeshua for the gift of eternal life!”
* not her real name

Igor Shelest reports, “I visited an elderly woman named Zlata who has multiple sclerosis. One woman I used to minister to died from this disease, so I realized that every minute with Zlata was precious. I had visited her before and this time I prepared a study about sin.  God opened her heart to the gospel and she said she believed. I asked her if she wanted to ask forgiveness for her sins from God in the name of Jesus Christ, and she said yes, so we prayed. After the prayer she said she felt as if something had filled her inside. I could really see a difference in her countenance. Please pray for her to grow in the Lord.”