Julia Pascoe writes: Eighty-five-year-old Hetty recently put her trust in Yeshua and I am thankful for Hetty’s growing faith in the face of increasing opposition from her family. Her aunt has lately become more uneasy at her niece’s faith. Recently, she rang Hetty and said, ‘You don’t believe in Jesus, do you?’ Hetty replied, ‘Yes I do,’ to which her aunt replied, ‘Well I don’t because I’m Jewish.’ Hetty responded, ‘Well, so am I, so is Julia, so is Helen [Shapiro] and so is Jesus!'”

South Florida

Greg Savitt reports: “Last week a distraught mother called our office at the suggestion of her friend, Eileen, who also happens to be a great friend of my wife Denise and myself. The woman’s son had recently been incarcerated for burglary. Her rabbi had not visited her son, nor did he plan to. Even though she knew I was with Jews for Jesus, she called, hoping for help.

“I visited the son, and we read John 10:1-42 and John 3:16. I explained to him how he could receive Jesus as his personal Savior if he believed—he was so open that I thought about inviting him to pray then and there, but something told me to wait. At the end of the visit, the young man started crying, and he asked me if we could ‘say that prayer.’ So in a contact visit room, I led him in a prayer to receive Jesus. He then told me, ‘You have to share with my mom what you just shared with me.’  I hope to speak with her soon. Please pray for this new believer [who we are purposely not naming] to grow in faith, and for his mother to be open as he was.”


Yarden Nasser writes: “Faina, a Jewish Russian woman, is about seventy-five years old. We contacted her while phoning people during the Jezreel Valley campaign. During the follow up, Maxim and I went to visit her. She was open and listened carefully to the gospel, agreeing to visit with us again. We gave her a large print Russian Bible to read.

“On the second visit I read with her the book of Romans about sin and salvation through Jesus Christ. Than I looked at her and asked, “So now, when you know God’s mercy, you know that He sent Jesus to die for your sins and you believe Jesus is your personal Savior, is there any reason why you would not invite Him into your heart?” She agreed and she received the Lord Jesus into her life. When I met with her again, she was happy to see me and to read the Bible together and pray. She had already read the first three chapters from the gospel of John and began telling me about Nicodemus. Please pray for Faina, for her growth in faith in understanding the principles of being a believer in Yeshua, and that she could connect with a local church. Praise the Lord!”


Karol Joseph reports: “In January I mentioned Sam, a twenty three-year-old Orthodox man who prayed over the phone to receive Jesus with Nicole (our office administrator), and then called back ten minutes later to ‘take it all back.’ Well, he has been calling again. He talked with me about how fearful he’d been about taking this step, but now he’s more comfortable and really believes. Near the end of our call, he asked if we could pray together. He wanted me to pray the prayer that he could repeat to become a believer. So we did. We are going to try and connect just to give him a Bible, and then, I hope, visit. Please pray that it all comes to pass this time.”


Vlad Mitnitsky reported: “I phoned a young man named Bar—an Israeli who is living in New York. He’d ordered a copy of the New Testament through the Jews for Jesus website. One of our missionaries sent it to him along with a letter of witness. (The letter gives a story and offers further information.) When I called to follow up, Bar told me that he already believes in Jesus! What great news!!! He says that he came to faith while reading the story of Jesus.”