ISSUES is an eight-page journal that we send to Jewish people who do not yet know our Messiah. Artwork, poetry, literature, essays, book reviews and testimonies—all are presented from a Messianic Jewish perspective to show why we believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Savior for everyone.

Many people who receive ISSUES have been referred to us by friends like you! When you send us the names and home addresses of your Jewish friends, we send them a personalized letter of story and a sample copy of ISSUES. We include a postage-paid card so that they can respond. It gives them the option to decline to receive further literature from us. Many, however, do not decline, and they go on our list to receive ISSUES regularly.

While we do not have the resources to offer ISSUES to our larger mailing list of Christian friends, we’ve archived and indexed all the editions on our website and you can freely access an amazing array of resources by going to: our Issues archive here.

Click on the most recent edition for an insightful look at the prophetic meaning of a much loved Passover tradition… opening the door for Elijah the prophet. The Festival of Redemption is packed with Messianic import, and reading this and other articles will add seasoning to your conversations when wishing Jewish friends a Happy Passover and asking about their celebrations.

To have a copy of ISSUES mailed to your Jewish friend(s) please fill out this form.

ISSUES is published bi-monthly. Editors Susan Perlman (who has been shaping the publication since its inception in 1976) and Matt Sieger are deeply committed to putting out a thought-provoking and high quality publication that explains the gospel without being preachy.


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