Once again, it is the season when we are so glad to be able to present “Christ in the Passover” in hundreds of churches that are kind enough to receive us.

While our Jews for Jesus “Christ in the Passover” presentations acquaint Christians with the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus, they are also wonderful times to introduce Jewish people to the Lamb of God and the Bread of Life, our Redeemer, Jesus.

Nadine (not her real name) and her husband are Christians who happen to have an amazing love for the Jewish people. Some of that affection springs from their background: they are Armenians and are especially sympathetic to others whose people have also suffered.

Nadine saw a “Christ in the Passover” presentation at her Bible study meeting. Afterwards, she mentioned how effective the presentation would have been to reach her Jewish friends. I challenged Nadine to invite one of her friends to attend another of our “Christ in the Passover” presentations. She said she would pray about it.

The following year I gave a presentation nearby at Trinity Baptist Church in Santa Monica. It was a small weeknight meeting attended by neighbors and friends from our West Los Angeles community. A wonderful meal accompanied the presentation and participation in elements of the Passover liturgy.

During the meal, I circulated to get to know some of the families. Among the 60 or so people there were Nadine, her husband and their guest, Michael. Nadine introduced Michael as a friend and business associate. He appeared a bit uncomfortable, but said the information was helpful and the service meaningful. He seemed to grow more comfortable as the evening wore on, and I was encouraged to see him chatting freely with his hosts.

A year later, Nadine wrote to inform me that the night Michael attended that “Christ in the Passover” presentation was the start of a spiritual journey for him. It raised questions about the meaning of Passover that profoundly touched his heart.

As a result, Michael began reading the Bible, starting with the Passover account in Exodus. The Lord used subsequent conversations with Nadine and her husband, and Michael began attending church with them. Over time, his heart was moved to faith in Jesus Christ. Michael is now a firmly committed believer, involved with the church Nadine and her husband attend. He is growing in his faith and love of the Lord who is his Redeemer.

If you are a pastor and are interested in scheduling “Christ in the Passover” at your church next year, please call 415-864-2600 and ask for our department of mobile evangelism, or go to our website at: www.jewsforjesus.org/cip-request

To find out if Jews for Jesus is coming to present “Christ in the Passover” at a church near you, go to our website at: www.jewsforjesus.org/cip-schedule And remember, this beautiful picture of redemption is a perfect way to share the gospel with your friends who need to know Jesus, whether they are Jews or Gentiles.