Lifting Up Yeshua (Jesus) in Israel


Please pray:

  • for Dan and Yoel as they lead the Gush Dan campaign, that they will have godly wisdom, strength and courage
  • for special wisdom, especially in dealing with various challenges we face as we launch BYG Israel (opposition on the streets, legal issues, etc.)
  • for all the campaigners and stewards who will be serving in the Gush Dan campaign to have strength and courage to stand firm in the Lord
  • for the follow-up on campaign contacts to be fruitful and focused for our staff to be able to continue in their regular witnessing and visits with the additional activity Behold Your God Israel will generate
  • God’s protection, physically and spiritually, over all our staff, their families, and our volunteers

Our work in Israel began with a family of four in 1994 and has grown to be the largest branch of Jews for Jesus!

Our branch leader, Dan, is married to Dinah and they have three children, Yael, Eitan and Yoav. We asked Dan to introduce this feature, and here is what he wants you to know about the work in Israel:

“Our Jews for Jesus Israel work is blessed with great staff. All of us are Israeli citizens who, more than anything, want to bring to our nation the message of Jesus. As we stand for the Lord in the Land, we face many challenges. Many oppose the gospel and would love for us to disappear. Yet at this time we are choosing to launch BYG Israel and to be more available, audible and visible than ever before. Why? Because the people of Israel need to hear the gospel!

“Most of the nation is still unreached with the message of Y’shua, the message of salvation. Our people do not know and, most tragically, they do not even have the opportunity to know. Let me give you an example.

“In Israel, one cannot go to a bookstore and purchase a Hebrew copy of the New Testament. Israelis do not even know that Y’shua is the true Hebrew name of Jesus. (See page 6.) A big part of our campaign will revolve around His name, which speaks of the salvation He brings. Even if most will reject Him, by the grace of God, over the next few years, we hope most Israelis will at least know enough to truly consider Him. We know that He will draw some of them to Himself. We hope that you will partner with us to bring the gospel to the nation of Israel. That is the most important blessing that Israel truly needs.”

Dan and the rest of our Israel missionaries and outreach workers have been introduced in previous newsletters, which are archived on our website. You can go to and type in any of their names under “search.” Meanwhile, here is a brief description of the rest of the team:

Efraim, who with his wife Jeannie pioneered our Israel work, now serves as associate director for training and development in Israel. Jeannie works with children and youth. Both their sons, Daniel and Gabi, are grown and both worked as interns with Jews for Jesus around the world following their army service.

Shlomy and Miriam, as mentioned in January, have expanded our work into Rishon L’Tzion. (More about the new work there follows.)

Yoel is married to Adel and they have three children, Noa, Boaz and Natanel. Prior to becoming believers in Jesus they lived for a time within a very Orthodox Jewish community, and Yoel was part of our ultra- Orthodox outreach during Behold Your God in New York.

Ze’ev is married to Rachel; they have two children, Leyah and . . . we don’t yet know the name of their second child, who is due to be born this month! Ze’ev did some professional writing prior to coming on staff, and his skills in producing gospel literature in Hebrew will be a great contribution for Behold Your God Israel. Ofer is married to Sarah, and they have two children, Ely and Matthew. Ofer is a gifted musician and his talents with guitar and harmonica enable him to draw crowds of people on the streets and beaches.

Peter and Yarden are the newest members of our Israel staff, still trainees, and recently returned to Israel from New York. They have a powerful story as an Arab and a Jew united, not only in marriage, but also in Christ.

Dalia helps keep the administrative details of the branch running smoothly. We hope you will keep this vibrant branch of Jews for Jesus in your prayers. (See sidebar.)

We also wanted to encourage you with some of the great things God has been doing in and through the Israel branch, so following are some “Bits from the Israel Branch.”

Miriam reports, “While on a sortie, I met a young Ethiopian Jew named Zahaveet. I was able to explain the gospel to her as she waited for her bus. She listened intently as I shared her need for salvation, explained the gospel and extended the invitation for her to be saved. She prayed to receive Y’shua just before the bus came. I am hoping Zahaveet will meet with me for discipleship and will attend a local congregation soon. I am also looking forward to discipleship with Galeet, who I met at a mall. She was curious about my Jews for Jesus T-shirt and believed the Scriptures I shared with her about salvation in Y’shua. I invited her to receive Messiah just outside the mall. She agreed and bowed her head as we led her in the sinner’s prayer. Please pray for her and all these precious ones in Rishon L’Tzion who are hearing and receiving faith in Messiah. Pray our work grows strong here and that we can get a Bible study going.”

Ofer reports: “After witnessing to a taxi driver in Jerusalem, I set up a visit to speak to him again about Y’shua. We studied together as he drove and some of the passengers that came into his car wanted also to hear our discussion. I showed him (and the passengers) the connection between Genesis chapter 3 and the prophecy of the Messiah’s coming in Isaiah 53. It was very encouraging because I was able to witness to an Orthodox lady whom we drove to the Wailing Wall.

“Another time I was handing out tracts and witnessing in Nahalat Binyamin. As I began to street preach and recite the Scripture a young Jewish man, obviously Orthodox, approached me and wondered how a believer in Jesus could know the Scripture so well. He asked me to meet with him to explain why I believe that Jesus is the Messiah. I agreed and he gave me his contact information. I agreed to meet him in his yeshiva (rabbinical seminary). When I arrived, I laid the Scripture on the table and a man approached both of us saying it was time for afternoon prayers. I joined them in prayer (about five minutes) and then proceeded to visit with the young man. We sat for about 11⁄2 hours and discussed many subjects, including the coming of Messiah before the destruction of the second temple, as prophesied in Daniel 9. We shall be meeting again soon— please pray for his salvation.”

Ze’ev reports: “We went on a sortie (tract-passing expedition) in an area we don’t normally go to in south Tel Aviv. Within the first two minutes, God had already sent three people my way who gave their contact details so I can send them a New Testament and keep in touch. By the time we finished the sortie I had in my pocket not less than eight Jewish contacts who wanted to hear more about Jesus! Praise God!! I had never experienced this kind of response to the gospel on one sortie!

“One of the people I met that day was Shaul. He appeared to be religious because he wore a kippah (skullcap). When I told him the gospel he was very interested. I promised to send him a New Testament and then call him so we could meet and continue our conversation. And so I did. Shaul was very happy to hear from me and very thankful for the book. A few days later we met and I had the opportunity to get to know him. He is not religious, but had been wearing a kippah out of respect for his father, who had recently died. Shaul was quite honest about his life and immediately told me that he had been incarcerated three times, and that he had been addicted to drugs for many years. However, he has been out of prison and off drugs for five years now.


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