Bob Mendelsohn reports, “Years ago I asked prayer for Evan, a Jewish man I met while broadsiding (passing out gospel tracts) in Chatswood, a Sydney suburb. He has finally surrendered his life to Jesus after seven years! He and his wife are talking now about baptism.

“Also, I met Gary, a South African Jew, about 18 months ago at a church where I spoke. He had become interested and followed our ‘speaker date list’ on our website until I spoke near his home. After lots of Bible classes and personal consideration, he got saved and two weeks ago was baptized at a local church where his wife is already a member.”

Los Angeles

Holly Meyer reports, “A Christian named Jill had been visiting (with others from her church) a nursing home where many Jewish people reside. There she enjoyed chatting with a woman named Ethel.

“Ethel recognized that she was a sinner and wanted to be forgiven. But when Jill tried to tell her about Jesus, she just said, ‘I’m Jewish; I can’t believe in Jesus.’ Jill then called Jews for Jesus for help. I told her I would be glad to come along on her next visit. We set a date, and Jill introduced me to Ethel as someone from Jews for Jesus.

“Ethel asked how someone could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. I explained how Y’shua is the promised Jewish Messiah, and that His first followers were Jews who realized that He fulfilled the prophecies written in the Hebrew Scriptures. Ethel asked a few questions and seemed to understand the gospel as I explained it. Before leaving, I asked Ethel, ‘Is there any good reason why you can’t receive Jesus now?’ At first she replied that there was no good reason not to, and I really thought she was going to receive Him then and there. Then she changed her mind and said, ‘I’m not ready. I need to think more on what we’ve talked about.’ “I asked Ethel if I could return the following week to talk with her further about Y’shua and she said yes. That next visit never happened. Before I could return to see Ethel, her daughter called Jews for Jesus and asked that we stay away from her mother. I told Jill what happened and she stopped by to see Ethel, but Ethel seemed afraid to talk with Jill. All Jill could gather was that the daughter had said things that upset Ethel and made her fearful of talking to us. These kinds of setbacks are sad, but not uncommon. We know that God is still sovereign and hope you’ll join us in praying that He will yet win Ethel’s heart.”

San Francisco

Viktor Moiseyenko reports, “Recently I ran into Efim, a gentleman I used to visit a few years ago.

“Back then he told me the time had not yet come for him to turn over his life to God and Jesus. He understood with his mind that it was time for him to follow Jesus, but his heart was not ready. When I ran into him recently, I asked if his outlook had changed. His answer was ‘It is too late for me. I had a very difficult surgery and I am still very sick. My wife Dora passed away ten months ago. How can I believe in Jesus now?’ I told him, ‘The thread of life is so thin and fragile that none of us can claim control over even the next second of our lives. It is important to come to Christ while it is still possible. The sin that binds us today can be forgiven by the grace of God today. Don’t wait until your heart hardens tomorrow. Accept Jesus while you still can, because you might not be presented with another chance.’

“Efim’s heart was touched at that moment. He said, ‘I think I might have missed out on something very important in my life.’ We walked on and continued our conversation. I opened the Bible and asked Efim to read 1 Corinthians 15:3-4; 20-22. I could see how his heart began to melt. When he was done, he looked up at me and asked how he could obtain hope and eternal life. Then he prayed to receive Jesus as his Messiah. Praise God!”