Los Angeles

Rob Wertheim reports, “Steve lives in Chula Vista (near San Diego) and had been exploring who Jesus is via our website. I met with him and learned that he’d been raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, with a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. Because he’d experienced anti- Semitism from what he believed were ‘Christian’ acquaintances, Steve had a hard time considering Jesus. But when he began a spiritual search, he was open to hearing about Jesus from other Jewish people. I showed him some Messianic prophecies including Isaiah 53 and he was amazed.

“When it came time for our second appointment, Steve did not show up. He lives near the place we’d planned to meet, so I went and knocked on his door. No one answered. I left phone messages but they were not returned. I thought that Steve had changed his mind.

“Last week I received a call from Steve. He had been seriously ill and was hospitalized for a few weeks but he wanted to see me. When we met he told me he had met a pastor who invited him to come and share with the children of the church about Hanukkah. The pastor had also addressed some of Steve’s questions. At the end of our visit, Steve told me that he had prayed to receive the Lord the previous week on his own, and that meeting me and reading Isaiah 53 had played a large part in that.

“He mentioned me to the pastor, who called and wants to schedule me to speak at his church! Often we ask churches to refer their Jewish friends to us. It was wonderful to have a brand new Jewish believer refer us to his church!”


Miriam Abramov reports, “About nine months ago my husband Shlomy prayed with a man named Gabriel to receive the Lord. Gabriel began attending congregation with us. Sometimes his wife, Sara, would come but not often. She actually came more often before he got saved, but then she withdrew. So I was delighted when Sara showed up at church with Gabriel during the festival of Hanukkah. I gave them a ride home and as we drove Sara told me how she used to read books about Jesus and that she believed He was the Messiah. I listened carefully as she told me she had never asked Him into her heart. I pulled the car over and listened more. Then I was able to share Scriptures and help her pray a ‘sinner’s prayer At the end of the prayer her husband exclaimed ‘Hallelujah’ from the back seat. The light of God shone on their faces as they leaped out of the car. Perhaps God had waited for the holiday to reveal to Sara the light of the world, Jesus. Please pray for this couple to grow together in the Lord.”


Igor Barbanel reports, “Dima Arlouski and I were going door-to-door, trying to visit all the Jewish seekers listed on our database. We reached the home of Tatyana, who spoke to me from behind her apartment door. She said that her son had locked the door and left, and she didn’t have another key. [It seems peculiar but apparently she needed a key to unlock the door from the inside.] She lives on the first floor, so she suggested that I go to the window. She opened the window, and we proceeded to have our visit. We talked at length and it seemed as though she was ready to receive the Lord. It must have seemed strange to passersby to see me at the window, holding my Bible, and praying a ‘sinner’s prayer’ with Tatyana. Please pray for Tatyana to grow in faith, also for healing. (She has high blood pressure and it’s hard for her to walk.) Please pray for the salvation of her son Igor, who also reads the Bible and believes in God.”