The Liberated Wailing Wall

We introduced the new team in our January newsletter; here’s a snatch of news from one of the sorties (tract passing expeditions) they had here in San Francisco:

Tamar F. participated on Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns before joining the Liberated Wailing Wall, so she was able to encourage some of the less experienced team members—and she also prayed with one man to receive the Lord in downtown San Francisco.

Michelle Gold was handing out gospel tracts when three elderly Jewish women approached, very curious and asked, What’s this?” Michelle said, “I am Jewish and I believe in Jesus. Who do you think Jesus is?” One lady shouted out, “Oh no! Not you again—you’re not a real Jew!” then to the others, “Let’s go!” They began to walk away, but the angriest lady had some parting words. Michelle began singing to her, “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem” (a well known Hebrew song which means, “We bring you peace.”) Two of the ladies walked on, however the third stood by Michelle, seemingly amazed by Michelle’s joy. She looked ahead at her friends as if to say “What’s so bad about this…maybe she has a point?” Please pray for these three women that God would reveal himself to them.


Dina Markova reports, “When I met with Irina to talk about Yeshua, her face showed absolutely no interest. I wondered, ‘Why did she invite me in the first place?’ So I was surprised when she said, ‘Okay, I know that Jesus was Jewish, but tell me, why should Jewish people believe in Him?’

“‘Because He is the promised Messiah,’ I replied. ‘Do you know that a Messiah was promised to the Jewish people?’ I added.

“‘I have heard that, but don’t understand much,’ she confessed.

“I began to explain to her the purpose of the Messiah and why people need salvation. Irina agreed with all of this, but still looked indifferent to me. But suddenly she asked, ‘So what do I do to be saved?”

“‘Admit that you are a sinner, turn to God with repentance, and believe that Yeshua died for our sins and rose from the dead for our justification,’ I replied.

“Irina did not object to anything I said, but ended our conversation by saying, ‘We will meet again and talk about it. Only I will call you myself, ok?’

“So, you can’t always tell how a person is feeling by the look on her face. Please pray for the salvation of Irina.”


Jonathan Bernd reports: “Dick and Wendy are two of the first people I visited in Boston. Dick is Jewish and Wendy converted to Judaism when they married well over 20 years ago. A Christian friend who receives our Newsletter referred them to us. At the time, Wendy seemed ‘open,’ but in a New Age sort of way. Dick agreed to meet with me four times to study the Scripture. Clearly he felt something pulling him towards Jesus, but after our fourth meeting, he didn’t want to go any further. I asked many people to pray for him, but after he stopped returning my phone calls, I decided to leave him alone for a while.

“Recently, Dick called me, wanting to meet as soon as possible. When we got together, he said that he is convinced he needs something spiritual in his life and that he hadn’t stopped thinking about our conversations. I wrote down some Bible passages for him to read and loaned him a book by C.S. Lewis. He agreed to meet with me again. Please pray for his and Wendy’s salvation.”

New York

Larry Stamm reports, “Last week I visited with an elderly man named Herb at our branch office. I’ve been witnessing to Herb over the phone, but he didn’t want to visit in person. He recently had a mild heart attack and quickly said yes when, once again, I invited him to get together. As we spoke face-to-face he told me that he didn’t have peace. I read Isaiah 9:6 to him and told him that the Prince of Peace, Jesus, wants to give him true and lasting peace! He said he wanted that peace, and to know his destiny. Herb has agreed to meet with me again. Please pray for his salvation, that he would receive the Lord Jesus and know the peace that can only come from God!”