Maxim Ammosov reports, During a sortie I ran across a Jewish man who is known for slapping and spitting at our faces. The last time I encountered him I had to call the police. This time he didn’t slap me, but just spat at my face. I blessed him and prayed for his salvation. He picked up a discarded broadside, ‘New Years in September.’ He actually came back to talk! The broadside touched his heart. He gave me his visiting card Please pray for the salvation of Yevgeny.”


Galya Bogomolova reports, “As I was handing out tracts, one elderly Jewish woman stopped to talk. When I invited her to receive our literature, she refused, but she did not leave. Finally, she said unexpectedly, ‘I would like to meet with you and have a talk.’ It was amazing to see God work, since the woman did not intend to hear more from us. In fact, we did meet together. Her name is Clara, and while she does not deny Jesus, she tells me that she does not have a faith. We prayed that the Lord will give her faith. She took our literature and I hope you will pray for God to work in her life.”


Garrett Smith reports, “I went to downtown Boston to join our team handing out tracts. It was quite cold, so while I was able to hand out tracts, it was difficult for me to engage anyone in conversation. I was getting discouraged as my toes were beginning to become numb. Finally, I engaged one man in conversation. He did not seem very interested or talkative, yet he did not seem to want to walk away either. I asked him who he thought Jesus was, and after a moment of silence he said, ‘That is a very good question; I do not know.’ I asked him about his background, and was surprised when he said, ‘Jewish.’ He said he was not religious, and that he had never read the New Testament. I pulled one out of my bag and gave it to him. He was genuinely excited to get it. He said, ‘Is this it? Or is this abridged?’ I assured him it was the whole thing. I looked at the table of contents with him, and suggested he begin with one of ‘the biographies of Jesus’ at the start. Ben looked anxious to begin reading. Pray that God touches his heart as he reads. I was amazed that the only person I stopped just happened to be Jewish and open to Jesus. I was humbled and encouraged. Humbled that God would use me even though I had a bad attitude about being out in the cold, and encouraged that it was no coincidence that I had happened to stop Ben. The Scriptures say God directs our paths, and I believe it!”


Sabrina Babin reports, “The BYG Paris taught me to ask help from the Holy Spirit. So God made everything new for me, and since the campaign ended, I have really appreciated giving out tracts and talking. Recently, near a university, I handed out ‘To Be or Not to Be,’ (one of my favorite tracts) to lots and lots of students and teachers. One young girl sprung from the metro and asked, ‘What is it about?’ I said, ‘It’s about the Jewish Messiah. I am Jewish, by the way, and (seeing her Magen David necklace) it looks like you are, too?’ Her name was Sarah and she was with her sister Deborah, who had already heard about ‘the Jews who believe in Jesus.’ Sarah seemed very happy to see me, and they both gave me their address and telephone number for further contact. Please pray for Sarah and her sister Deborah, that they will receive the light of Yeshua.”