We are so thankful for the believing Holocaust survivors who were willing to give their recollections and testimonies on the Survivor Stories” video. Little by little we are hearing back from those whose lives it is touching.

From Dnepropetrovsk, Valera Bolotov reports, “Olga is a Christian married to a Jewish man who does not believe in Jesus. Olga led a prayer chain during the Behold Your God Dnepropetrovsk campaign. Recently Olga told me of her great joy when her husband Boris showed an interest in Jesus Christ for the first time. ‘It happened just recently when Boris happened to turn on the TV just as you were showing the “Survivor Stories” video. My husband became a different person after watching that video. Thank you for the video and thank God that He gave my husband a wish to turn on the TV at precisely that time!’ Please pray for Boris’ salvation.”

In San Francisco, we received a call from a Jewish man who would prefer not to be known at this time. His father is a Holocaust survivor and the emotional damage that he experienced has prevented him from expressing love and affirmation toward his son. The son has been drawn to Christianity for some time but had never received Jesus. A good friend had given him the “Survivor Stories” video and encouraged him to watch it “some time.” Into the closet it went…until one day this man was at such a loss spiritually that he felt compelled to watch the video. He said, “These people were able to discuss what happened and forgive after what they had been through, and that is powerful. When it came to the end and I heard that I could pray to receive Jesus, I knew it was right.” This man phoned us shortly after praying the prayer, asking what to do next in his new life of faith. In addition to sending him materials, we’re working on making some connections with believers in his area. Please pray for this new Jewish brother in the Lord.