March 2003 Newsletter (5763:7)

Call Me What?
March 1, 2003
Author: Moishe Rosen

What do you call one who is called to ministry?” If you know what ministry is like, then you know what to call ministers. Ministry is not being in charge of God’s people. It is more like being charged with God’s people. To be “in charge”...

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Survivor Stories Video Is Bearing Fruit

We are so thankful for the believing Holocaust survivors who were willing to give their recollections and testimonies on the Survivor Stories” video. Little by little we are hearing back from those whose lives it is touching. From Dnepropetrovsk, Valera Bolotov...

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Purim in Israel
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Two of Our Tel Aviv Staff Tell of the Opportunities This Holiday Presents In Israel the festival of Purim (which falls on March 7 this year) is a truly joyous time. While it is a religious holiday, it is not commanded in the Law of Moses so it does not have the...

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Purim Principles

The Book of Esther is the only book of the Bible that does not mention God. Yet we see His fingerprints” throughout the entire story. The various details of the Purim drama illustrate how God works, and these principles are encapsulated elsewhere in the...

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The BYG Pic

In last month’s newsletter we mentioned two BYG campaigns that were still in progress at the time we had to send our publication to print: Uzbekistan and Los Angeles. We cannot give many details regarding Uzbekistan because evangelism is forbidden in that...

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Jews for Jesus in Rio de Janeiro

Sergio Danon began pioneering our work in Rio de Janeiro last April, but we wanted to wait until we were officially registered to tell you about it. Praise God, Jews for Jesus is now officially in Brazil! You may remember reading about Sergio and Alexia in our May...

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