Our church, Valley Baptist, in San Rafael, California has a strong emphasis on missions. As an annual part of our church outreach, our board selects special projects to support with offerings above our normal giving. These are normally missions projects of some kind for which the church sees a special need, something outside the normal scope of the groups we support.

Last Easter, the board selected the first Jews for Jesus Behold Your God campaign as our special project. We have been supporting the Jews for Jesus ministry since its early years, but we wanted to do something beyond our usual support. The campaign was in San Francisco and had a local appeal. More importantly, we saw it as a great opportunity to reach out-during the time we celebrate the resurrection of the Messiah, Jesus Christ-to our Jewish friends and others with the good news that He had come and was risen. We wanted to join with Jews for Jesus in this campaign and encourage the unsaved to look up and behold their God.

Our Easter offering brought in a significant sum of money to help launch the first of the campaigns. It also stimulated our congregation to prayerfully follow the progress of the Behold Your God campaign, which was a blessing to us as well as to Jews for Jesus. We undertake similar projects at Thanksgiving and Christmas as part of our holiday celebrations.

We still have many cities where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people to reach during Operation Behold Your God. If your church is interested in taking a special offering to evangelize one of these cities, we will gratefully receive it. If you would like more information about a particular city, please call 415-864-2600 and ask to speak to David Stone about a Behold Your God offering.