A Brief Witnessing Tip

<p> Maybe some of you run into the same problems that our professional missionary-evangelists encounter.   </p>  <p> Many people welcome the companionship, the cheer, even the Bible reading and prayer we give on each visit.  Yet, sometimes it is difficult to get from ordinary and salutary things to sacred things&#8212;to shift the conversation from how we feel to what God wants the person to know.   </p>  <p> Chances are, a declaration like, Let me tell you something that God wants you to know,” will not help bring someone’s thinking along with you.  Better to follow Yeshua’s example&#8212;He knew how to ask a leading question.   </p>  <p> I suggest something like, “You know, you haven’t told me much about yourself and your spiritual life.  Do you mind if I ask a personal question?” </p>  <p> And then pause until they say, “Yes” or, “I don’t know.” </p>  <p> As long as they give consent, here is the question: “What do you think God wants from you?” Even when talking to an atheist, I’ll ask, “If you believed in God, what do you think that He would want from you?” </p>  <p> Some will say something like, “God wants me to be a good person.”  At this point I always ask, “What makes good to be good and bad to be bad?”  The answer to that should lead them to see that only God can establish what is good or bad. </p>  <p>  The value of asking what God wants is to open the question of His expectations and our obligations.  Most people who are not redeemed do not think much about their obligation to God.  When people begin to realize that such an obligation may exist, they begin to think in terms of an actual relationship.  That’s often the first step to understanding the need to be reconciled to God.  When people see that need, we then have the opportunity to tell them about Yeshua. </p> “


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