March 2002 Newsletter (5762:7)

Moses and Jesus
March 1, 2002

There are interesting comparisons between Passover and Christmas, and in particular, between Moses and Jesus. Below are some points of comparison. You can probably come up with more on your own!

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The Son Rises
Author: Greg Savitt

Lee, a successful television producer and a secular Jew—who for some reason felt a pull” to read the Tenach (Old Testament). Night after night he found himself reading for two hours or more—despite the fact that he considered himself neither religious nor an avid reader. Still, something kept drawing him. The many detailed prophecies concerning…

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A Brief Witnessing Tip

<p> Maybe some of you run into the same problems that our professional missionary-evangelists encounter.   </p>  <p> Many people welcome the companionship, the cheer, even the Bible reading and prayer we give on each visit.  Yet, sometimes it is difficult to get from ordinary and salutary things to sacred things&#8212;to shift the conversation from how…

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The Mystery of the Passover Cup

Learn more about a Passover symbol that Jesus used to describe his mission.

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The BYG Pic
Author: Bob Reynolds

Our church, Valley Baptist, in San Rafael, California has a strong emphasis on missions. As an annual part of our church outreach, our board selects special projects to support with offerings above our normal giving. These are normally missions projects of some kind for which the church sees a special need, something outside the normal…

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The Christmas-Resurrection Connection
Author: Ruth Rosen

As I write, it’s December and we’ve barely finished celebrating Jesus’ birth. But in the land of newsletter editing, it’s March—time to think about Jesus’ death and Resurrection. It’s all part of the joy of publications—doing everything so far ahead of time that you’re never quite sure what month it is. But you know, the…

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