From New York City: Reaping Summer—Sown Seeds in the Winter!

David Mishkin reports, Cyril (our French-born trainee) and I visited a Summer Witnessing Campaign contact named Didier. Didier is French, and in fact manages a French restaurant. After we explained the gospel to him, he readily accepted Jesus as his Savior. The next day, Cyril delivered a French Bible to Didier who was eager to learn more about his new faith. Cyril and I will be continuing to meet with him.”

Also from David, “Sam is a Jewish man, originally from Syria, whom we met during last summer’s campaign. I met with him a couple of times after the campaign, but then he started canceling our meetings. Months later, I met with him again and brought Dean with me. This time Sam was ready to receive the Lord. Praise God for His perfect timing!

Please keep those referrals coming!

Bruce Rapp reports from New York, “I wrote a ‘Letter of Witness’ to a Stephen G. (Letters of Witness are one way we reach out to Jewish people referred to us by Christian friends like you.) I mentioned to Stephen that I had grown up with a guy with the same first and last name as his, and I wondered if he might be the same Stephen. Soon afterwards, I received a phone message from him saying he was the Stephen I knew from high school. He left his number and asked me to call. Please pray that he will be open to the gospel.”

Thank God for volunteers!

Galya Bogomolova reports from Dnepropetrovsk, “Occasionally, we have special Saturday sorties (tract-passing expeditions) to involve volunteers who may be interested in helping us on an ongoing basis. On such a day, Olga came to do evangelism with us for the first time, and I wanted so much for her to experience the blessing of this ministry. Olga caught on quickly; she delivered 800 broadsides (tracts), and took names and addresses of seven unsaved Gentiles wanting to know more about Jesus. The best part of all was when a woman and her daughter stopped to talk. They were going home from the market place with heavy bags.

When Verkhovina, the mother, realized that Olga was distributing tracts about Jesus, she stopped, put down her bags and began asking questions. The bags created some distance between them, so Olga had to explain the gospel rather loudly, enabling many passersby to hear. Verkhovina wanted to pray to receive salvation then and there, which was also heard by the passersby. It was great to see this woman saved, and also to see that the Lord wanted Olga to experience the blessing of serving Him even more than I did.”

Thank God for pastors who care to reach out!

From Kharkov, Misha Vaishenholts reports, “I was planning to visit my pastor to encourage him about the importance of witnessing to Jewish people. The very night I was contemplating this, our church had a service which specifically spoke of Jewish people coming to know Jesus. When, at the end of the service, the pastor called for repentance, an 18-year-old Jewish youth named Olya came forward. Instead of me encouraging the pastor, I was the one who was encouraged by his care for our people.”

Psalm Reading in Sydney

Natalie, who was on loan to Australia at the time of this report (but is now home with our South Africa branch), reports, “We went ‘Psalm Reading’ one night, something I’ve never done before and wasn’t that eager to try. Nevertheless, I dressed in an appropriate costume and gave it a try. It was so awesome to have people approach us and be able to read and minister to them from God’s Word. The first person who came by turned out to be an Israeli named Adi. Bob Mendelsohn (Sydney branch leader) read Adi a Psalm and took his name and address to pass on to our Israel branch.

Later, two Iranian Muslims listened as I read them a Psalm. One told the other, ‘Hey man, that’s just like what’s going on with you!’ This gave me a great opportunity to witness to them and tell them about the peace Jesus can bring to all people. They seemed open and I pray they will continue to consider the gospel.”