March 2001 Newsletter (5761:7)

Passover Tidbits
March 1, 2001

<p> Many of you began receiving the Jews for Jesus newsletter as a result of seeing one of our presentations at your church and you know that we do bring quality programs. Nevertheless, amidst thousands of Christ in the Passover” presentations, every few hundred, something unexpected happens. These are actual “bloopers” made by Jews for…

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A Clue in the Book of Esther

On March 9 we celebrate the festival of Purim (pronounced poor-im) to commemorate God’s saving power as recorded in the book of Esther. You have heard the story of Esther before. A young Jewish girl becomes queen of Persia and happens” to be in a position to counter a villainous plot to exterminate her people….

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Fast Facts
Topics: charts, fasting

The diagram below shows eight purposes for fasting, with scriptural examples for each. This is not intended as a comprehensive list of purposes or Scriptures. Please note how some purposes overlap, and how all overlap with the center of the diagram, which we suggest is the core purpose for all biblical fasting. The words fast,…

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Thank You for Having Us Come to Your Churches!

Whether we are traveling far away from home as Greg Savitt was or speaking at a church near one of our branches, we always appreciate the way you welcome us into your churches. Not only do these visits enable us to make the new friends we need in order to be able to continue in…

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The BYG Pic

Meet Doyle and Carolyn Enloe, who are spearheading a ground-breaking strategic plan for BYG! Doyle and Carolyn come straight from International Crusades, where they led a preparation team for Partnership Evangelism. Their experience and enthusiasm are adding a new, much needed dimension to our outreach. We knew from the beginning that we couldn’t do Operation…

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Bits from the Branches

From New York City: Reaping Summer—Sown Seeds in the Winter! David Mishkin reports, Cyril (our French-born trainee) and I visited a Summer Witnessing Campaign contact named Didier. Didier is French, and in fact manages a French restaurant. After we explained the gospel to him, he readily accepted Jesus as his Savior. The next day, Cyril…

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In Defense of the Church

For too long the Church has been the favorite whipping boy” of cynics and critics looking for an easy way to sound intelligent. It’s always possible to build up one’s own ego by tearing down someone or something elseā€”and especially tempting to do so when that someone or something doesn’t appear to have a ready…

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