March 1998 Newsletter (5758:7)

No Coincidence
March 1, 1998

This month, Jewish people around the world celebrate the festival of Purim (pronounced poor-im”). The holiday commemorates God’s deliverance of the Jewish nation as recounted in the Book of Esther. This joyous time is filled with games and fun, and the centerpiece of the celebration is the reading of the Megillah (the Book of Esther)….

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

1. Is the name of the holiday Purim derived from ò an East End Londoner, who for some reason felt sorry for Haman (who was hanged on his own gallows) and declared, Poor ‘im” or ò the fact that the villian of the story cast lots to determine when to annihilate the Jewish people living…

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The Spirit of Haman Could Not Prevail

When I became a believer in Jesus my mother said I was finishing Hitler’s work. I don’t think she believed that, but it was probably the strongest way possible for her to express her hurt and anger. You see, my father was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He barely escaped the torture of the…

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We Dared to Tell Them His Gospel
Topics: purim
Author: Lynn McCoy

Handing out tracts at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. has never been an easy endeavor. We face our share of opposition from the Jewish student body, who would like to see us give up our attempts to share our faith. But as Victoria Lannon, our Russian outreach worker pointed out to me, Americans are…

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Purim Palate Pleasers

While Purim is technically a minor” festival on the Jewish calendar, it is a major time of fun and celebration. In fact, the rabbis of old taught that even when the Messiah comes and other holidays are abandoned, Jewish people will continue to observe Purim. Melissa Moskowitz, editor of The Jews for Jesus Family Cookbook,…

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Home Office Missionary

Perhaps you have heard the saying, behind every successful man there is a great woman.” We at Jews for Jesus have a saying of our own: “Behind every successful missionary there is a great office administrator!” We’d like to introduce you to Vanessa Hale, who is an important yet “behind the scenes” member of our…

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Jews for Jesus and Your Telephone

Did you know that Jews for Jesus has a policy not to solicit funds over the telephone? Recently some of our friends have written to us about phone solicitation, confusing us with other ministries who have called them. You are unlikely to receive a phone call from one of our staff, but if we do…

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A Message from Moishe: We Had Nothing… to Lose
Author: Moishe Rosen

Some of the success of Jews for Jesus in the early days was because of our willingness to take risks. Most were single, a few were married but with no children. None had much by way of personal possessions, at least nothing worth stealing. Because we were determined to witness openly and raise the issue…

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Bits from the Los Angeles Branch

Caroline is a new Jewish believer whom Moishe met in a chat room” (via computer). Her parents had asked her to leave home because of her faith, and she had gone to stay with a couple in Orange County. Moishe passed her name and new address along to Rob Wertheim, our Orange County maven (expert)….

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