Often, we only recognize God’s leading as such after we have followed it. I found that true at a church in Cypress, Texas where the Liberated Wailing Wall sang one Sunday night. I don’t usually talk to people in the congregation until after the presentation because, beforehand, we are busy getting our instruments ready, warming up and changing into our costumes. However, that Sunday night in Cypress I’d gotten ready a little earlier than usual. I was in the sanctuary talking to Mary Rose, one of our newer Co-Laborers in the area. (A Co-laborer is a volunteer for Jews-for-Jesus. They spend a minimum of ten hours per month helping out in areas where we do not have a branch.) Mary had just completed her Co-laborer 2-week training at Wheaton College and was enthusiastic about ministry possibilities.

As I was talking to Mary, my eyes tracked to a man who walked into the back of the sanctuary. I felt drawn to speak to him, so I asked Mary to excuse me and I introduced myself to him. Lee returned the favor and quickly told me that he was Jewish. When I asked if he believed in Jesus, he said that he did. But when I asked where he went for fellowship, he asked what I meant.

Well, do you go somewhere to meet other people and worship God?” I asked.

“I go to a synagogue with my kids sometimes,” he replied. As we continued to talk, Lee explained that some years ago a Christian girlfriend had told him the gospel and he had made some sort of faith commitment to Jesus. His relationship with her had long since ended, but Lee held on to his belief in Jesus, even though he never got into a church and had not grown at all in his understanding of his faith. Lee had driven over 60 miles to attend our meeting. He had heard that we were coming “by chance” (more likely by the hand of God!) from a friend who had found a copy of an invitation to the meeting. We send these invitations to people who receive our newsletter, so where this man found it is a mystery.

Anyway, I quickly introduced Lee to Mary and her husband, Tom. Mary had just recently met another new Jewish believer whom she and Tom will introduce to Lee. They will also help to disciple Lee through personal Bible study and they will work to locate a good church in Lee’s home area.

I thank God that He is the one who gathers His sheep; we are just His servants, ready to be used as He pleases.

Please pray for Lee to grow in his faith and that the Lord will bless Mary’s new ministry as a Jews for Jesus Co-laborer.


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