My unbelieving family members seem to be born evangelists! I’m still amazed at how my dad brought nine unsaved Jewish people to our [Liberated Wailing Wall] presentation in Florida. I could never get that many family members to sit down with me to hear the gospel! But my family loves music and they are very supportive of my efforts, so they all came to hear what the Jesus thing” was all about—including my aunt Carole and uncle Larry who were visiting from New Jersey. I had never been able to share the gospel with them before, so this was truly the work of God. It was wonderful to see them and, even more, to have them see the message of the Messiah presented so clearly that night.

A few weeks after that presentation, my uncle was rushed to the hospital because he was coughing blood. He hadn’t been feeling well for weeks but the doctors weren’t able to diagnose his problem. The crisis was totally unexpected and the doctors said he had a 50% chance of survival. Although my family doesn’t know Jesus, they all asked me to pray because they believe that somehow God listens to me.

As I spoke to my parents over the phone, I told them that I wanted to pray in the name of Yeshua (Jesus). My mom, who was crying, said, “At this point, I don’t mind whose name you pray in as long as they listen.” My aunt said that she was so distraught that she knelt in front of a cross in the hospital chapel and prayed. A client of my Dad’s gave him Betrayed, a wonderful story book by a Jewish believer named Stan Telchin. A Christian customer of my sister’s prayed for my Uncle Larry and also told her about Jews for Jesus! A Jewish co-worker of my Mom’s has told her about Sharon Freeman, a Jews for Jesus missionary with whom she (the Jewish co-worker) has been meeting. I think God is trying to get my family’s attention, don’t you?

The Lord has been faithful and my uncle was taken off the critical list. However, he has been diagnosed with a blood disorder called Waggoner’s Disease, which means he needs both dialysis and chemotherapy treatments. The doctors say he has a long road ahead of him. I pray that his “road” will be the narrow one that leads to salvation through our Messiah, Yeshua—not just for my uncle Larry, but for his wife, my parents, and my sister as well.


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