Evelina Chestnova, one of our Odessa outreach workers, reports, Recently, I visited Zhanna N. She was most unfriendly and told me that she was too busy to talk to me, though she had agreed to meet with me beforehand. I replied that I would not take much of her time, and she let me in. After praying, I began to explain what it means to be a child of God. To my surprise Zhanna completely forgot that she had no time for me and listened with great interest, asking many questions. When I stood up to say good-bye she asked me to come back as soon as possible!”

Larissa, another outreach worker in Odessa gave a middle-aged Jewish man a tract and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

“I guess I know,” he answered. “It is about God. I’m not interested in such things.”

“It’s about salvation,” Larissa replied. “Everybody needs it.”

The man thought a bit and gave her his address to receive more information. After she had written it down, he added, “Send your literature to my son. He’s just come back from Israel—he didn’t like it there.” So Larissa wrote down the son’s address. The man lingered for a while then gave her his daughter’s address! Finally he said we could find him nearby, in a clock shop. Please pray for Iliah B., who seems interested in God after all, and for his family.


From Moscow, Ella reports, “About a year ago, a Jewish lady named Natalya Dintsis prayed with me to receive Jesus. I knew she had a son, but I never met him. So, I was surprised when a stranger called me and told me he was Natalia’s son and wanted to meet with me. We met, he told me the story of his life and asked for my advice. I told him that only Jesus can cure and comfort our souls, showing us a way out of the most difficult and painful situations. I suggested he commit his life to Jesus, and he received my invitation with enthusiasm. He left, full of joy and hope. The following day he called me again, and we scheduled another meeting. Then, he attended our meeting. Rarely do our contacts take so much initiative!”


From Israel, our correspondent reports, “Avner M. has come to faith in Yeshua! He had been reading gospel literature and the New Testament. He was also impressed by the movie, ‘Jesus,’ which aired on one of the cable channels. It was a blessing to pray with him.

Also, one of our volunteers struck up a conversation with a Jewish man named Meir F. who said he wanted to know more about Jesus. Meir lives near me, so I hope to follow up.”

Tuvya Zaretsky, chief of station in Los Angeles, reports, “It’s been almost two years since Marcia D. first called our office after receiving one of our broadsides (gospel tracts). I’ve been ministering to her and praying for her since then. I was thrilled when she called to say ‘You were right; I’ve come to believe in Jesus as the Messiah.’ Hallelujah!”

New Jersey

Glenn Harris, in New Jersey, was handing out tracts at Princeton University when a middle aged Jewish man approached him and said, “Jews for Jesus, right?” Glenn replied, “Yes – and haven’t we met before?” The man, who’s name is John J., said that they had met—about two years before—in the very same spot. Mr. J. told Glenn that his words had “stuck” and that he has since then given his life to the Lord!

New York

From New York, chief of station Bob Mendelsohn reports, “Michelle and I went to photograph our billboard on the BQE [Brooklyn-Queens Expressway]. We were pretty excited but quite a few horns were honking as we slowed down to shoot almost a whole roll of film. On the way back I thought it would be good to shoot the billboard from behind to show it in context. Pratt College owns a building well situated for the purpose; they use it for a dormitory. We decided to simply ask a student if we could use his or her room to take the photograph. Wouldn’t you know, the one who responded was a Ukranian Jew named Irina who allowed us to shoot the picture out of her 9th floor window. She knew of Jews for Jesus from the Ukraine and said that her sister had attended our meetings in Danyestsk. Before we left, she gave us her name and address to receive further information.”