March 1997 Newsletter (5757:7)

Life From the Dead
March 1, 1997

Once a theologian was waxing eloquent about Christ’s passion. He spoke of it as though it were merely a story, a symbol of hope for renewal and rebirth. A young reporter from Christianity Today magazine challenged him with a simple question, Sir, if you were a newspaper reporter standing outside of the tomb on the…

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Encounter in Cypress
Author: Garrett Smith

Often, we only recognize God’s leading as such after we have followed it. I found that true at a church in Cypress, Texas where the Liberated Wailing Wall sang one Sunday night. I don’t usually talk to people in the congregation until after the presentation because, beforehand, we are busy getting our instruments ready, warming…

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Meet T. Rose
Author: T. Rose

I used to like chasing butterflies. Yellow ones were my favorites because they were small, flew really fast and made a soft whooshing sound as they passed my ear. I remember those days like they were yesterday. I was four years old and playing with the butterflies in the back yard while my mother was…

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Church Meeting Brings Unsaved Family Members One Step Closer to Jesus
Author: Susan Curland

My unbelieving family members seem to be born evangelists! I’m still amazed at how my dad brought nine unsaved Jewish people to our [Liberated Wailing Wall] presentation in Florida. I could never get that many family members to sit down with me to hear the gospel! But my family loves music and they are very…

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First Fruits in the Bible: What Does it Have to Do with Resurrection from the Dead?
Author: Rich Robinson

Explore the literal, spritual and prophetic aspects of “first fruits” in the Bible, as well as how this concept can apply to your faith today.

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Sayings of Chairman Moishe: Regarding “On Wings of Eagles”
Author: Moishe Rosen

A friend of our ministry wrote to ask, Do you have any knowledge of a group called On Wings of Eagles, a ministry of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews?” This friend had heard that On Wings of Eagles was helping Jewish people return to the Land of Israel and, since it is under…

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You Don’t Have to Be Jewish!

Full-time opportunities are available NOW to join the Jews for Jesus team at our San Francisco headquarters. We need missions-minded people for video/audio/film, church relations, secretarial, graphic arts, data entry, head chicken soup and chopped liver maker and other important administrative positions. We need help! Student? Summer internships also available. Contact Stephen Katz, Director of…

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Bits From the Branches

Odessa Evelina Chestnova, one of our Odessa outreach workers, reports, Recently, I visited Zhanna N. She was most unfriendly and told me that she was too busy to talk to me, though she had agreed to meet with me beforehand. I replied that I would not take much of her time, and she let me…

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