The one ministry of Jews for Jesus that is not directly evangelistic is deputation. Through deputation, we win the hearts of God’s people to our cause so that they become involved in witnessing, praying and giving to the end that Jewish people might be saved. We present ourselves to be deputized by the church and its individual members to proclaim the message of the Messiah.

Our literature and advice are always available to those who want to share their faith directly with a Jewish friend, but there is another way for those who may feel timid about how to begin. That is where we, as an arm of the church, can help and where God’s people in the churches can help us the most.

One of our major sources for contacting interested Jewish people is from Christians who send us names and addresses or bring their Jewish friends to our church presentations. This interaction between the churches and our ministry is most effective.

Spring is the time of year when many of our missionaries go out on deputation tours. If a Jews for Jesus representative is soon to come to your church, do invite your Jewish friends to attend that meeting with you. They may well accept your invitation, even if it’s only out of curiosity. But if they refuse, or if there are no meetings in your immediate vicinity, there is another way. You can still send us their names and addresses, and you can count on us to be discreet and tactful in our approach.

Whether you bring Jewish friends to our presentations or merely send us their names and addresses, that one small step on your part can bear fruit for God’s Kingdom. Don’t be afraid to try. Your effort may put a Jewish friend on the path that leads to eternal life in Yeshua.

Most of all—please remember our staff members in prayer as they travel on deputation tours across the country during March and April.


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