Cooking Evangelism…

In Chicago, Melissa Moskowitz happily reported what she hopes is the first of many witnessing opportunities resulting from her Jews for Jesus Family Cookbook. Melissa’s friend Lillian, a Jewish believer in Yeshua, invited her to make challah (a braided egg bread, traditionally eaten on Friday night). Two unbelieving Jewish friends, Pam and Harriet, also came. Melissa says, Maybe it was the warmth of the kitchen or that we all had our hands in the dough. Whatever it was, we immediately started talking about spiritual matters. I told my story to Harriet, who latched onto my words like a ship that needed a place to drop its anchor!”

At first, Pam and Harriet had not known that Melissa was with Jews for Jesus. Then Lillian mentioned Melissa’s cookbook and showed them her copy, with Jews for Jesus beautifully calligraphed on the cover, and the conversation didn’t miss a beat. In fact, Harriet seemed interested, and Melissa plans on sharing the gospel with her again over recipes.

Slow and Steady Can Win the Race

In New York, Annette Sofaer was handing out tracts in the Fifth Avenue subway tunnel when she saw an elderly man with a cane hobbling along, carrying a portfolio with the words “Speedy Express Courier Service” printed on it. He declined to take a tract, but when Annette looked behind her a few seconds later, she saw him looking at one that had been thrown on the ground. She could tell that he was trying to read it but turned away so that he would not be embarrassed. When she looked again a few seconds later, the tract and “Speedy” were gone. We might never hear from him, but we’d like you to join us in praying that God will move in this man’s heart—speedily.

Thank You for Praying

From New Jersey, Glenn Harris reports that Bernie S. (mentioned in our last Bits From the Branches’ “Welcome Interruption”) seems to be growing in his faith. Thanks to all who have been praying for Bernie! He’s been telling customers at his cafT that he believes in Jesus. He also has been faithful in studying the Bible with Glenn and has been coming to our Thursday night studies.

In South Africa, Laura Barron visited Sandra, the stepmother of Keren Leigh, one of our new missionary candidates in New York. Sandra said she wasn’t interested in hearing any more about Jesus, so Laura asked what she already knew. To Laura’s surprise, Sandra agreed to a visit for the following day, saying, “I suppose I should seize the moment. If I was ever going to meet with you for a discussion like this, I should get it over with now!” This woman, who claimed not to be interested, not only purchased a Testimonies of Jews Who Believe in Jesus book but also agreed to read the first three chapters of John on her own (from the Bible that Keren gave her). Please pray for Sandra and for Laura as she ministers to this family.

Questions We Love to Hear

In Boston, Sharon Freeman delights in watching new Jewish believers grow in the Lord. One such woman, Lisa, asked, “Is it always necessary to make a request when praying, or is it okay to just thank and praise God?”

Also from Boston: Many were unhappy to see us handing out tracts in the very Jewish area of Brookline. Yet Pearl was glad to chat with us. She is taking a Bible study class at her synagogue, and they are reading the Book of Genesis. Pearl confessed how little she knew about the Bible, even though for all her life she has heard the Torah (Pentateuch) read in synagogue. She is fascinated by the lives of Joseph and Abraham and that they had shortcomings, just like we do. Pearl gave us her name, address and phone number because she is willing to know, from the Bible, why we believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Please pray that she will be open to His reality.

A Missed Appointment Turned Divine

As a result of one of our gospel ads in the secular media in San Francisco, David Mishkin met a Russian Jew named Alexander. David spoke to Alex through his ten-year-old grandson, Jeff, who acted as translator. Alex had read Betrayed (the book we sent to ad responders) and wanted further information. When David arrived for the next visit, Alex was not at home. According to his wife, Irena, “He sometimes forgets his appointments.” However, Irena was glad to listen. She had read the New Testament years before, while working as a tour guide in Kiev, and had concluded that Jesus is the Son of God. Yet she had never done anything about it. The missed appointment with Alex gave David the perfect opportunity to explain to Irena that she needed to commit her life to Jesus. Moments later—through the same ten-year-old translator—Irena did that!